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  1. CMS tweeted just now saying he''s looking forward to the game tomorrow. Looks like there was no activity on the end
  2. In a moment of madness and desperation, Chris Hughton accidentally signs himself for £8M
  3. If we pay £8M I''ll eat my Norwich shirt and post it on YouTube ...
  4. There''s still 10+ hours, no need to panick ... Yet
  5. [quote user="24March1985"]And that Huddersfield have accepted a bid from Blackburn for Rhodes, apparently[/quote] Yep, £8M fee agreed and now having a medical
  6. Only thing on SSN bar is Scott Sinclair to have medical at Man City
  7. Regardless of his attitude, he was garbage tonight anyway.
  8. Proper chuffed Im here to see it. Great strike!
  9. Villa 0-3 Everton So Mr. Lambert, are you enjoying yourself at your cushty new job?
  10. QPR 4-0 down now, second from bottom now
  11. [quote user="rich69snake"]Hi All A reliable source of mine who works at Norwich Airport has just seen Steve Bruce coming through arrivals! Oh Lord please do not let this be true. [/quote] And I just saw Guardiola in Nandos ....
  12. I sent a message to James Nursey from The Daily Mirror on twitter questioning him on a tweet basically saying why would Roy face criticism from the public by selecting a 30+ ex tyre fitter This was his reply "I''ve written a few stories and tweets saying Holt for England but the FA are not having him and you have to ask why. Think image problem" What image problem?
  13. Strangely hasn''t been selected for Swedens Euro 2012 squad. But he would definitely be worth a punt but I think there are bigger clubs that have been linked with him.
  14. Majority of the writers from the tabloids were praising both Swansea and Norwich for what they have done this season and praising the good results that both teams have accomplished.... Apart from Andy Dunn from The Daily Mirror. Never before have I heard anyone talk so much shit than what I''ve just seen. According to him what Norwich and Swansea have achieved this season is "nothing special" Even though in particular a majority of people thought Norwich were doomed even before a ball was kicked back in August. Simply speechless right now.
  15. I put it down to ... Too much dallying in defence Lack of penetration Giving away possession way too easily
  16. Elliot Ward won''t be wearing the Captains armband again ...
  17. Chris Martin scores against the scum :-)
  18. Toure came on and Norwich couldn''t handle him ... Simple as.
  19. To think we''re in a relegation battle .. Oh wait we''re not. Tevez and Aguero were simply brilliant today.
  20. Think it was a mistake by ''Arry to leave him out today. Just proves how much of a key figure he is one the team.
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