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  1. CMS tweeted just now saying he''s looking forward to the game tomorrow. Looks like there was no activity on the end
  2. In a moment of madness and desperation, Chris Hughton accidentally signs himself for £8M
  3. If we pay £8M I''ll eat my Norwich shirt and post it on YouTube ...
  4. There''s still 10+ hours, no need to panick ... Yet
  5. [quote user="24March1985"]And that Huddersfield have accepted a bid from Blackburn for Rhodes, apparently[/quote] Yep, £8M fee agreed and now having a medical
  6. Only thing on SSN bar is Scott Sinclair to have medical at Man City
  7. Regardless of his attitude, he was garbage tonight anyway.
  8. Proper chuffed Im here to see it. Great strike!
  9. Villa 0-3 Everton So Mr. Lambert, are you enjoying yourself at your cushty new job?
  10. QPR 4-0 down now, second from bottom now
  11. [quote user="rich69snake"]Hi All A reliable source of mine who works at Norwich Airport has just seen Steve Bruce coming through arrivals! Oh Lord please do not let this be true. [/quote] And I just saw Guardiola in Nandos ....
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