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  1. I hope to god he doesn''t know any more than we do. Not buying another striker is a nightmare scenario.
  2. Another vote for Poyet. I had serious doubts about Hughton, I was annoyed that we paid so much to release him from Birmingham and I think it has backfired as I thought. I think with a couple more signings we should be ok - he isn''t great but he isn''t absolutely terrible either.
  3. Am I the only one who doesn''t think he would be a great signing? We need pace, and Graham is slower than Holt and Morison!
  4. We could be in the top four come next saturday 5pm....dream world
  5. [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]Korey''s found his level, League One/Lower reaches of the Championship. Another candidate for the exit come January and I''d wish him well. Always gives 100%. A great servant of the club in the lower leagues. Nolonger a youngster and never going to figure in the Premiership, sadly. [/quote] Oh do shut up.
  6. I had a look at their forum once. They do think the world of themselves a bit.
  7. No you aren''t. We seem to find it impossible to score more than one goal a game. This needs to be sorted - i''m sure the transfer window should help.
  8. Anyone got a decent stream? The firstrow ones I normally use are appalling quality!
  9. A big no to Graham. Not because he is a bad player, but he just has no pace whatsoever, and if there is one thing we lack at the moment is pace up front. Also, I hate his goal celebration.
  10. Absolutely not a hoax. He is a winner - he has been very successful at Swindon. He takes an absolutely no nonsense approach with his players that verges on the extreme but this has hardly damaged results on the pitch where it matters.
  11. I do want Hughton to do well but I just think he is the wrong man for the job. I think DiCanio (who I orginally wanted to replace Lambert) is the man to instill the fearless attitude back into the squad. Thoughts?
  12. I''m not going to bother digging it up, but I remember last season when we played Villa how people were raving about Heskey, saying he was the best player on the pitch, no wonder he has been a regular in the premiership for so many years even though he doesn''t score much etc etc. I would be pleased to have him here.
  13. Leon Barnett starting our last two games and looking very solid. Pleased for him.
  14. Very good point, we were by far the better team, and really should have won. Still, very happy.
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