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  1. What a crap signing so inder-whelmsed its true. this idiot manager will send us down. Bloody harry kane. great!
  2. Trolling!!!???i hope ur joking!!! If not.you can meet me in the ambar before any home game.
  3. Wow messiah you obviously werent there. if you were please tell me what you have to back that up and why he argued with the manager
  4. Sorry typing on a galaxy s2 its not great to type on. If he was carrying an injury I apoligise however his body language suggested not!
  5. Where you there!? Knowing your pit. Looked liked he couldnt be assed backed up how he went straight down the tunnel.
  6. Sorry for spelling didn''t check before posting.
  7. Just back from.the game . long and short of it he wanted to br subbed hughton told him no and he just sat down on the pitch. He can be sold lime yesterday after that. What a prik
  8. Brownstone. seriously u r a joke. anyway your boring me . we will see. why dont you post something interesting just once lol
  9. Seriously brownstone ur such an idiot. they would hear things going on obviously or are you that stupid!?. I am sharing what I heard. thats what a forum is. ppl like u ruin it.
  10. No source, well sort of the stewards at carrow road today said there head steward said we had, had a 6 mill bid accepted for him. Has anyone heard anything
  11. Just so we are clear this is an amazing signing. before he made a bad move to spurs which a few players have done, he was rated as a top young up and coming defender, the guy is only 26 and cost spurs then 8 million. He is a massive improvement on what we have and is quick.
  12. That was as bad as colchester for me. We were clueless. i left after 65 mins couldnt watch anymore. there was not one postive thing yesterday. he wont last five games if that continues. pathetic
  13. I have never seen such a shit game I hope the manger fucks off any1 who sits at home who wants to challenge go die
  14. I am here and we are so bad its untrueo
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