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  1. As the title says. Anyone who can’t go or has two spare tickets, would be much appreciated.
  2. 4-3-3 GK. Krul LB. Lewis CB. Klose CB. Hanley RB. Pinto CM. Trybull CM. Godfrey CM. Thompson LS. Pukki ST. Rhodes RS. Hernandez Subs: McGovern, Zimmermann, Passlack, Stiepermann, Tettey, Buendia, Srbeny
  3. GK. Krul RB. Pinto CB. Hanley CB. Klose LB. Lewis CM. Godfrey CM. Trybull RAM. Pukki CAM. McLean LAM. Hernandez ST. Rhodes Subs; McGovern, Zimmerman, Stiepermann, Tettey, Thompson, Buendia, Srbeny
  4. Is there a link for this? Would be a quality addition.
  5. GK. Gunn CB. Klose CB. Zimmerman CB. Hanley LWB. Lewis RWB. Reed CM. Trybull. CM. Maddison AM. Hernandez AM. Murphy ST. Oliveria McGovern, Raggett, Stiepermann, Tettey, Leitner, Watkins, Srbeny
  6. GK. Gunn CB. Klose CB. Zimmermann CB. Hanley LWB. Lewis RWB. Wildschut CM. Trybull CM. Reed AM. Naismith AM. Murphy ST. Jerome McGovern, Pinto, Tettey, Pritchard, Maddison, Hoolahan, Oliveria,
  7. What a joke.... how can you make 6 un-forced changes when you’ve just had a brilliant away result. If this doesn’t come off there are no excuses and questions have to be asked of Farke’s ability. Husband not good enough and it feels like we’re playing with 10 men every time we start Vrancic. Must win game to have any chance of making play offs.
  8. Against teams we should beat: GK. Gunn LB. Stiepermann CB. Klose CB Hanley RB. Pinto CM. Trybull CM. Maddison RAM. Pritchard CAM. Hoolahan LAM. Naismith ST. Oliveria Tough games: GK. Gunn LB. Stiepermann CB. Klose CB. Hanley RB. Pinto CM. Tettey CM. Trybull LAM. Maddison CAM. Hoolahan RAM. Pritchard ST. Jerome
  9. Must somehow try and find a formation and style of play where we can try and play these together!
  10. Don’t think it’s any coincidence that we haven’t won a game when Vrancic starts in a 3 behind the striker. Plays the odd great through ball which are perfectly weighted but does nothing else all game. A complete luxury player that actually doesn’t give you many luxuries if any. Not impressed with what I’ve seen so far, I hope I’m wrong but I can’t see how he can improve on his performances as I don’t think he’s got the ability to. People can’t judge his ability on one game because he scored 2 dead ball goals in the cup, has to be judged over the course of the season.
  11. I used to go to school with him and play in same team when we were younger. I would say he would do well in league 1 but probably not any higher. The highest standard of football he has played at in England was with Kings Lynn but he has obviously improved since then.
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