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  1. I would be more inclined to consider Meite...
  2. Why not just stick everyone who wants to jump about like a monkey in the zoo.  Much cheaper.[quote user="The ſhroud of Turin"]The club could squeeze more in if they made a small temporary terrace. Safety could be achieved by (for example) no under 12s admitted, in case people are worried about their little darlings getting squashed.  [/quote]
  3. Why not just stick everyone who wants to jump about like a monkey in the zoo.  Much cheaper.[quote user="The ſhroud of Turin"]The club could squeeze more in if they made a small temporary terrace. Safety could be achieved by (for example) no under 12s admitted, in case people are worried about their little darlings getting squashed.  [/quote]
  4. A lot of people who go to football games know nothing about the game.  Never played in their lives.They don''t understand what can and cannot be done.What is unbelievable though, is that even someone who has had a lobotomy should be able to watch a prem game on sky and see that its possession that wins games.Guy behind me is the same.  Nobody up front, "get it forward".  We kick it forward "nobody there!".Moron.
  5. This is like th 2oth post asking the same question, couldn''t you have just added your thoughts to one of those threads?To answer it again:Yes some should get a crack at it.No most of them are not good enough, we need to get in half a dozen and pray.The ones to release should be ovious to all but the terminally stupid.[quote user="ROBFLECK"]I think each of the players that got us there, should get a crack at the PL...they deserve it! But there are going to be some in the 15 players that featured the most, who are just too light for the PL. For me: McNamee, Lappin, Wilbraham,... What do you reckon? Who wouldn''t you give a go (of the 15...cause some just aren''t in the frame ..Gill, Hughes, etc...) [/quote]
  6. Sorry, I should have said, although I want us to get Shane Long.
  7. Reading.Its closer.They are English and this is the English premier League.I want us to get Shane Long.Pretty good reasons I reckon!
  8. Why would Lambert drop a division to do what he has already done?Does he need the money?Does he want to work with those tosspots who run West-Shambles?Does he want to rebuild a squad of prima-donnas who will all be trying to jump ship?Will he have the same transfer budget as if he just stays at Norwich? Move along, nothing to see here...again.
  9.  see it has now been edited.  Rick Waghorn you plum.
  10. Next season is about survival.The reality of that means boring negative football at times.  It also means we have to retain possession even more by playing it around.That will annoy the idiot behind me who screams "forward" every time we do a sideways pass.
  11. No I dont agree.  Why would we try and sign players who just missed out and are desperate to play in the prem, or to go for players just relegated and desperate to jump ship.That was sarcasm by the way, of course we will try and poach them!
  12. Why on earth would we blow transfer money when they would probably all be available on loan?  Thank god Lambert is the manager.[quote user="Thecanaryfan"][quote user="urdie_Canary"]Wake up ffs.We''re never going to sign Pacheco. Lansbury or Foster.[/quote] 1. Lambert rates all three. Two highly 2. Lambert may have a £40m transfer kitty. Surely there is a chance we might sign one of them? [/quote]
  13. What a moronic post!  Did occur to your tiny brain that just maybe the people who go to the games took their families to the parade, thus multiplying the numbers.....
  14. You reckon Martin and Tierney will be able to get forward then do you?  Seems highly unlikely to me.  I bet you a million quid we do not play the diamond next season if Martin and Tierney start.[quote user="CambsCanary"]No need to drop the Diamong & adopt a different formation purely by virtue of being in a different division. Nor will becoming more defensive be likely given Lambert''s approach to winning games. The next step will be to identify and get rid of the deadwood (Gill, OTJ, Hughes, etc etc) and use (most of) the Premier League bonanza on decent replacements who can challenge the current incumbents.[/quote]
  15. Thanks for the essay.  The reality is we need to invest across the team.  The midfield is as good as the defence and the attack.  None of these are in reality good enough to survive with what we have.Midfielders are bigger, quicker and more skilfull that in the Championship.  Remember when Arsenal came last time we were up there?  Massive players, great balance and physical presence.  Our midget midfield will get brushed aside as it stands.Our real priority is not attack or defence, it is a couple of midfielders who can cope.
  16. Are you serious?  You dont understand where the 40 million comes from?[quote user="priceyrice"]Where has this 40 m to spend come from, i bet it will be at the most a quarter of that[/quote]
  17. What Bowkett was obviously saying was that the club will back Lambert as much as is needed, up to the 40 million, not "we will spend 40 million to stay up".If we go down, we use the parachute payments to clear some of the debt.  But while we are up there we need to spend what we have - its called speculating to accumulate.  If we fail we have a cushion to manage the debt, if we succeed we may never look back.Anyone suggesting we should  hold back money and pay of the debt rather than buy a new team is is probably Neil Doncaster in disguise.
  18. I think you will find Huckerby was far superior to Hoolahan.We need half a dozen decent, and I mean decent players, like Charlie Adams level of quality, and some plum championship players like shane Long, if we are to stand even the remotest hope.And why do people keep saying Svenson was quality?  People have very, very short memories and bi rose-tinted glasses....
  19. We already have 3 centre backs all performing well, why do we need another two??[quote user="Gingerpele"]Chris Martin won''t go. I don''t think Macdonald will either, but he''s more likely. I really don''t think we can afford to ship out 5 of our 7 strikers The Walking Man.. (Martin, Wilbraham, Daley, Johnson, Macdonald). Definatly going, Stephen Hughes and S.Smith. Hughes has been injured all season, been on the bench a couple of times, but even last season didn''t really get in the first team very much. Smith doesn''t want to be here, and you can''t really blame him. And we don''t need him. Askou will probably go, Lambert doesn''t seem to keen on him. (Although i don''t think he will leave until we have signed 2 CBs so he might not leave all that quickly). OTJ will probably go, him or Gill i can see staying just as back up, maybe no though. I think Wilbraham will go, definatly not a premiership player. Not sure why you think Lappin will leave, i don''t think he will want to leave, and he''s a useful player to have around.[/quote]
  20. Agreed, apart from Chris Martin, who I think is good enough to keep.  Also I think Lambert might just hold onto Lappin as a utility man in desperate injury circumstances. [quote user="The Walking Man "]This is a list who I think will leave in the Summer: Hughes Chris Martin Lappin Wilbraham Daley Askou Johnson S. Smith McDonald OTJ. Adeyemi and K. Smith to go out on loan again. [/quote]
  21. I agree with "Cluck", which is apparently not good.Lansbury is a bit of a big time charlie, like Bentley was.Pacheco fine, he is an obvious raw talent far in excess of Lansbury.But what we need is to cover the "basics" with some experience, ie:An experienced, Holt-like striker.A powerful central midfielder (in the mould of Etuhu, Francis, ie, a Viera who can hold the middle of the pitch)Cover and competition at right and left back.If we do that, and Lansbury is cheap, then fine pay his wages for Arsenal so he can come on for 10 minutes a week.
  22. That''s not actually true.  We could, but the away clubs have an allocation they could not fill.[quote user="Lambert is King"]With respect we could not even fill a 26000 seater stadium for most of the season despite our success. It is only as the glory hunters return we have done this. IMO to many people think that a bigger stadium will result in cheaper seats. I dont beleive this and feel the prices would go up to a minimum of £40. Now alledgedly £30 was to much or was it that people did not want to come and watch Norwich playing other championship teams. Building this sort of extension before we have the money to pay ''cash'' would simply be suicidal as should we go back down our gates will return to 25000.[/quote]
  23. Glad you are not in charge.  Bring in another keeper when Ruddy has done very well and we have a good young reserve in Rudd?  Madness.  What is this obsession with bringing back a young keeper who did well in LEAGUE ONE![quote user="paul moy"]A lot of the debt has to be paid off apparently, as repayment conditions are triggered by gaining Prem status, and this could include some of that which was rescheduled by a decade, according to a certain Norwich-supporting journalist on Talksport last week. It''s nice to hear that we will invest to stay in the Prem as opposed to the previous debacle where we had Doherty playing centre-forward until Xmas... [:D] I definitely think we will get Fraser Forster as I''m sure he would want to come here, is class IMO, and won''t be expensive. I''m sure there are many other good players that would love to come to Norwich also. Onwards and Upwards !! [/quote]
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