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  1. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Glad you got tickets Twitchy[Y]   Hope you''re in the Nelson after, would be great to meet you. You''ll easy recognise Tilly - he''ll be the one in the pink trousers[:S]     [/quote]Nice one nutts, will defo be in the Nelson after so, if we win I will stick out like a sore thumb..........moonwalking the drinks back to the table.
  2. [quote user="kick it off"]Glad you''re making the trip Twitchy, hopefully it''ll be a positive result for you!![/quote]Thanks kick it off, fingers crossed.
  3. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="Twitchy"] staying Friday to Sunday in the Nelson so should get to do a fair bit in the fine City.[/quote] Come and have a pint with The Inner Circle after the game as The Nelson is the place we meet.[;)] [/quote]Sounds like a plan Til, that would be great if a little freaky lol, suppose I could wear a t-shirt that says bad mother fooker on it to narrow me down.
  4. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Jarrold block M is definitely a decent place to sit. Sort of between 6 yard line and penalty spot. I''d rather be a bit further along, can barely see the line at the other end. But its nice to have a close up view of one end, i''ve sat in the middle of Jarrold and City Stand and its not the same. Anyway, hope you enjoy the game and the trip over! I struggled with lack of football while in Canterbury at Uni, can''t imagine how it is living in Ireland!![/quote]Cheers Gingerpele, getting over is a really big event for me so I''m gonna be buzzing from now until then, staying Friday to Sunday in the Nelson so should get to do a fair bit in the fine City.
  5. So I finally have lift off on the trip over, scored two tickets today for the Jarrold block M (any good?) girl in the ticket office was a doll and really helpful said I was pretty lucky to get them so watch out Norfolk I''m on the way...................can''t wait.
  6. Defo injured Gingerpele, showed up in trainers and heading home (Norwich) tomorrow, no mention of how serious, fingers crossed it''s feck all.
  7. [quote user="......and Smith must score."]Hi TwitchyI think you''ll be OK as its on TV but it may be that the Club will allow fans with Supermemberships to buy more than one extra ticket before they go on sale to season ticket holders and then on general sale. I bought an extra ticket for the Cardiff game and noticed that they were allowing me to buy up to four extra tickets.May not be the case for West Ham but if it is anyone with a Supermembership will be able to buy two decent seats for you.[/quote]Thanks for the info ......and Smith must score.
  8. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Yeah that corner is ok, I moved over one game at HT when I had to move seats as my little brother came and sat in my normal seat next to my Grandad, and I was positioned next to one of those fat fans ;) (plus me being quite large too... Thought it was best to move into one of the many empty restricted view seats). I''d have thought you''ll be able to get better for West Ham though. Its on TV so that will put a few off.[/quote]Cheers Gingerpele here''s hoping.
  9. [quote user="Wolf"]Good that your coming over for a game Twitchy[/quote]Can''t wait Wolf  it''s been far too long.
  10. [quote user="Herman "]The restricted view from the Aviva corner infill isn''t terrible if that is all that''s available Twitchy.[/quote]I was wondering about the whole restricted view thing Herman, thanks for that.
  11. Not too far away Howson is now!, Dublin''s fair city.
  12. Cheers folks, guess I will be on the blower first thing when they go on GS clutching my lucky charms.
  13. Really, it''s gonna be that hard then?...............dang nab it spartacus I might book a room with a view at the Holiday Inn so.
  14. Just looking for a little info/help folks, heading over across the pond to the fine City for our home match against West Ham (fingers crossed) and was wondering what sort of time frame are we talking about in relation to tickets going on general sale.Is there any realistic chance of me picking up two? With it being on the telebox that has to increase my chances a bit right? Also just spotted that yesterday the club were tweeting about a limited number of tickets for this weekends game against Chelsea at such a late stage, so maybe there is hope for this fella.......................thanks in advance,Twitchy.
  15. [quote user="nutty nigel"]That or Emander Twitchy[;)]     [/quote]Very true nutty or the plans for a super duper IKEA store have been leaked to the press = done deal.
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