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  1. Really?If you change one variable in a situation, it is a chain reaction causing all sorts of other things to change. Your post here is sheer stupidity- as you cannot tell that not appointing Roeder would result in us not being in the Prem, not having Lambert, or anything like that. It''s all completely unsubstantiated. I thank Paul Lambert for us being in the Prem due to him being er.....the manager of the team? That''s as far back as it can go, I''ve seen everyone from Gunn to Roeder to Doncaster being thanked for us being where we are now, but anyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together can see that we are where we are due to Lambert''s management team, and none of these extraneous bullshit theories will change that.
  2. The thing is Muggins, it''s not your ''opinion'' on Hoolahan that makes you a pr1ck, it''s the way that when the facts don''t suit your argument, you invent some yourself- i.e the two indisputable awesome seasons he''s had, combined with the fact that you seem to make Trapattoni out to be some sort of selection pariah, when in fact he''s a bit sh1t.And as for that b0ll0x about him being an international manager meaning that immediately means his opinion is better than mine or any other poster on here.....all I can say is I expect no criticism of Capello at any point in his regime because he clearly knows best- and obviously Bryan Robson was Thailand manager so he must be much better than anyone else here, too.Paul Lambert regularly picks Wes Hoolahan- so obviously you''d be rioting if he got the England/Scotland job, because any manager who selects Hoolahan is clearly just automatically bad.All of the above proves one thing. Just like Trapattoni is a stubborn old fool who can''t admit he was wrong about the quality that Wes has which is becoming more and more evidence, you''re no better, you mug. It''s no wonder you''re using the Italian stallion to prop up your shoddy arguments. Tool.
  3. [quote user="CDMullins"]I think an International football manager is in a far better position to pick ''better players'' you. They get sacked because they get beat by other International football managers, not by Pinkun posters.   You think Wes is amazing, I dont think he''s that good. Nothing more to say.     [/quote]I must have missed your tenure as a pr1ck.......oh wait, no I didn''t.
  4. Being 16 years old, Samba De Janeiro is synonymous with us scoring goals, and to me it symbolises the glorious feeling of us scoring a goal. Given that I''m too young to remember associating Norwich scoring with nothing but crowd noise, to me it simply has to stay.Besides, you hear the cusp of the roar before the music even kicks in, and I personally love singing along to the music, before launching into OTBC when the match kicks off again.So for me, its a staunch #yestodejaneiro.HY
  5. [quote user="jamesg"]So, if the manager of the club, who has taken this club from bottom of League 1 (well would have been bottom if Saints didn''t start on -10) straight into the Premiership - not via the play-offs - says in >his opinion that these players will do fine for us, then, with all due respects to jamesg, but what makes you consider that your opinion is so significantly superior to that of PL? (Maybe DMcN needs to be made aware of your talents...........or there again, perhaps not!) Paul Lambert knows more about Football and Norwich no question, his powers of motivation are absolutely outstanding and his tactics are pretty good as well. Fans can express concern without the Roeder like comments I would hope however Can i just ask a question if all 7 signings are from the Championship which now looks odds on, how much difference do you think a top Manager makes? In other words have we got enough to work with? All Managers will admit that once players are on the pitch then that''s largely it. Has a team with about 30 PL Games experience between them ever done ok in the past??[/quote] James Vaughan alone has played 47 Prem games. You clearly are a toolbox. ''They don''t play in the Prem, therefore they can''t play in the Prem'' I don''t think we''ll ever see you on this board again, at least not as ''jamesg'', because everyone here will know ''jamesg'' as a synonym for a lack of understanding how football works.
  6. [quote user="Sir Humphrey Appleby"]One of the other threads ended up discussing Steve Morrison and whether or not he was good enough, the comment was made that Cody had the potential to be the best striker at the club...I think this thread came from that.[/quote]Exactly this.Sorry next time I want to start a thread I''ll census the entire demographic and ask ''ron obvious'' if it''s alright to start a thread.I have seen plenty of people say on threads on here that we don''t need to sign strikers because we''ve got Cody, and that''s just stupid.
  7. [quote user="Sir Humphrey Appleby"]I think it is a valid point, if we had signed a proficient League Two striker the board would be alight with comments about the lack of ambition and how the quality of opposition the goals came against was not good enough, this has to apply in the case of Cody and maybe shows why we should give those coming in the chance to perform before we write them off. [/quote]Apparently that makes you as deranged as me.The deranged are in the majority :O Tommy, get my gun
  8. And you gleaned that from what exactly? The fact that I don''t think that a striker NOT attracting any evident Premier League or for that matter Championship interest is good enough for the Prem? That seems pretty sensible to me. But fine, Mr Manager, let''s go with Donaldson and McDonald up front and get relegated in spectacular style. I''m SO glad you''re not Paul Lambert.Do you even go to games? Ever?
  9. [quote user="ron obvious"]NURSE!! [/quote]nurse (nûrs) : A standard comment made by those who are not capable of comprehending opinions which are not their own.
  10. Not strictly related- but I long for the day I see a ''I wuz at the gayme tuday Nael'' sign at FCR
  11. Right, more than had enough of ''Bring thet Cooody baack Nael'' now.If we were to sign a striker who''d been scoring goals freely in League Two now, but with no Norwich affiliation like Crewe''s 28 goal Clayton Donaldson, we''d hear nothing but ''lack of ambition'' ''prudence'' ''we need to do better than that at Prem level'' ''surely there''s someone better out there'' but if it was Cody it''d be like the bloody second coming for some of you I swear.Yes Cody McDonald is a talented lad, but he is NOT good enough for a Premier League Norwich City.Get over it.
  12. I agree with everything you''ve said.But there''s nothing exciting about a sensible Wiz.THERE''S ONLY ONE FIRST WIZ. :P
  13. Yeah because that''s RVP''s fault ;)If anything it shows the ludicrous nature of the Wickham valuation even more- and also the fact that we''ve paid about the same for Steve Morison as Arsenal did for RVP. Having said that I do rate Morison... but I think Millwall have been greedy bastards there.
  14. [quote user="Legend Iwan"][quote user="Chirping Canary"]Javier Hernandez - £6million. Connor Wickham - £8-10million. ''nuff said.[/quote] Best buy of the century. Sometimes, every once in a while, someone will strike it lucky. Sir Alex has done that with the price of Hernandez. Adding that British players'' cost more, it really isn''t surprising that Wickham is being quoted as £8-10 mil. [/quote]Best buy of the century? Off the top of my head... Robin Van Persie joined Arsenal for £3m, half the Hernandez fee, and has scored in 42% of matches he''s played despite being hit heavily by persistent injuries.Hernandez cost double and while he has scored in 6% more matches (48%) Van Persie''s is an average over his seven years at Arsenal, so it remains to be seen if the Little Pea can keep that up, and is that really worth an extra £3m.Maybe he will go on to have a more consistent goalscoring career than Van Persie, but as it stands RVP is a better shout for buy of the century so far, as he''s certainly been keeping it up for most of the century, and would have been the Prem''s top goalscorer by some way this season if he wasn''t injured.
  15. = We Love You (Paul McVeigh) I''m not convinced you cut the mustard...
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