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  1. Realistically we have this season to go up or maybe next at a push but failing that he along with Jamal Lewis look destined for the premier league. They comfortably look like £15m+ players and anything less would be a real shame and display a naviety if current market. I very much hope they both stay and we look to build around these and Cantwell. With Adam Idah in background as well the future looks very bright.
  2. There is nothing that gives me greater satisfaction than seeing players develop. With James Maddison (accepted we took him from Coventry) but we developed him and as sad as it was to see him go it’s only natural players will leave us and progress further. We have to be realistic about our own limitations and we cannot offer Premier League or European football. I have no doubt if Maddison continues his current form he will star for England and go on to a top 6 club with someone like Tottenham. With Max Aaron’s and Jamal Lewis both have massive potential. I think it’s key we can keep them this year and next and build our team around them. Whilst still raw you can see their ability shine through and I can imagine both will be subject to bids from Premier League teams in the summer. Aaron’s played with complete maturity at QPR and well beyond his 18 years. They could well be our Cafu and Roberto Carlos or Thuram and Lizarazu partnership. They will definitely be our next £10m+ sales
  3. Saw QPR linked with Nakki Wells of Burnley which I was rather envious of. If not we have to be ambitious and see if we can get either Solanke at Liverpool or Abraham at Chelsea or Eddie Nkitah at Arsenal. I would favour Wells or Nkitah due to having pace and offering foil for Rhodes if needed.
  4. Who is the smart money on? Onel Hernández or Jamal Lewis? Both easily have potential when imagine at left back/wing-back Lewis will be most sought after
  5. Ok Maddison aside who may go if w get an offer to good to refuse, we must keep this side together next year. We have to renew Tetteys contract and keep Klose as well. Our defence is one of the best in the league and Gunn may go back but believe in Farke this was never going to be a quick fix
  6. All day every day. Afobe is class as Championship level and if he was our only singing I would take it and would be ok with Nelson leaving to fund it
  7. What a keeper, surely England’s future number one.
  8. At game tonight David Moyes was a few seats away from me and appeared to be scouting for West Ham, not a clue who as couldn’t think of anyone in the starting Chelsea team who would be avaliable. He left just before the equaliser so whether he is watching one of our players i don’t know but he was forever writing down.
  9. What the hell is that line up about? Does he want to lose his job?
  10. Apart from Gunn, Tybull and Zimmerman who I think will be a great player for us over next few years, the rest are a massive disappointment and if anything make the team worse. - Franke, already heading back to Germany even if he hadn’t quite settled here - Watkins, makes me shudder anytime he is in the team as offers nothing quite frankly - Vrancic, our record with him in the team is awful and it is no coincidence. Clearly not a defensive midfielder and doesn’t appear to offer much going forward - Husband, so weak and fragile at the back it makes you wonder why we signed Middlesbrough’s third choice left back - Hanley, maybe decent but seemed like a panic buy and for big wages and fee seems a little unnecessary
  11. Both should of started, sorry but an error by manager. Whatever has gone on they are two of our best and changed Fulham game Not criticising as still get behind the boys
  12. And the rest if Kodija, Assombalonga going for £15m then that is the minimum. Realistically £20m alone he has so much potential and hitting peak
  13. Of current squad according to Webber. He talks of reducing the average age of the squad. Who are the untouchables and likely to be here. Murphy x 2, Maddison, Pritchard, Pinto, Hoolahan, Oliveira and Jerome, Howson Klose I think will move on and if we recoup what we paid I''d probably take that as great in Premier League but doesn''t have physicality of Championship
  14. Agreed Naismith was a lot better but why 5 mins for Maddison makes no sense
  15. Irvine is clueless, nice person maybe so but that gets us no where Naismith ahead of Maddison makes no sense. Why are we not blooding our youngsters like Godfrey when these average Jo''s have disappointed all season Out with the old and in with the new Most in team today I wouldn''t be bothered if they were gone in summer
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