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  1. You can do it tomorrow. Went in today. If they can''t on going with my under 17 one and shaving !!
  2. 217 here too. Let''s bring the noise !!
  3. Anyone got on up there sleeve. These too have been great this year and need rewarding with a song , come on you clever people !!
  4. I''m hoping for a pub with a good atmosphere. Anyone know which of these are the better pubs and close to the ground
  5. Shame really. Nice to have some helpful people about cheers !!
  6. im the club will sort. If not very poor of them. End of the day it''s another £38 for them !!
  7. Any home game is fine to do though. So why not for the play off final. Like I say not everyone want to take kids to it !!
  8. Oh no , this is a huge error from the club. Not everyone will want to take a young child or older person to this game. Will ring up in the week then !!
  9. Thanks for your help people. What distance tube drive are these from here ?!
  10. Where is the best place to park on the outskirts of London and tube in please !
  11. I''m sure the noise will direct Us to the nearest one !!
  12. Oh what. Would be nice to have a few in the way. My mate has offered to drive us. Sorted !!
  13. I''ve done the same. Under 17 but needed it to be adult. Anyone else in this situation !!
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