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  1. Twitter is great for spreading serious info that is silenced from other channels, like child abuse cover-ups, but it is hideous when the plebs get hold of it to prattle on about penalities.However, it is totally unacceptable for fans to be called mongs.
  2. Because Bennett and Fox has shown, to us who can actually spot the truth, that they are not good enough.
  3. What a steaming pile of spoilt little brat rubbish.If we were attacking all the time, would we have more points?  No certainty of that at all!We have become harder to beat and have the best quality defence we have ever had.  We struggled to get a quality striker in during January, but we won''t in the summer if we stay up, giving us more options than the declining Holt, makeshift Kamara or never good enough Becchio.If at the start of the season someone had said to you "It won''t be pretty this season but we will be 8 points of relegation with 9 to play" you would, if you are honest, bitten their hand off.So why act like a child now because you have not been "entertained" enough?Grow up and support your team - we have a very average squad yet through some dirty work we will have money to spend in the top division next season - thanks to Chris Hughton.[quote user="CJ"]Sorry but we are sleep walking into a disaster either this season or next . Ch has no idea how to create an entertaining side and I am pretty certain a new manager could get us attacking and entertaining. Is there any point staying in this league if every game we approach it like we are the underdogs from a lower league. I know will get loads of stick but fed up hearing how skillful other sides are . It has got to stage where our strikers get nose bleed when they get in oppos box and snatch at any chances. It is only when the players forget managers script as against Everton that we do anything! Sorry but this is meant to be entertaining how could anyone describe this as such[/quote]
  4. Holt is past his best.  He is getting on and this is the last season he can even try and compete at the top level.  Give him a big send off and lets move on with two new strikers in the summer.
  5. I don''t care if we lose.  I don''t even care if we get relegated.  I want constant attacking football at any cost.  I go to be entertained and if that means we lost 7-1 but attack every second of the game, I will be happy.That may sound mad, but I heard someone basically say it.
  6. Ah it''s the old "two up front is an attacking formation" idiocy again.How attacking is it if the other team back the midfield and starve off the supply? Not at all.How attacking is it if the opposition have good full backs who push up and starve the supply of crosses?  Not at all.How attacking is it if we have to put Wes on the left or on the bench to play two strikers?  Not at all.442 does not automatically = attacking play. 
  7. A thread that proves what lemmings some of you are.  Read the story the OP is referring to.
  8. Congratulations for believing one of the most simplistic, mindless ideas doing the rounds right now.The idea that if we had gone "lambert" we would have won more if "combined" with defensive tactics is just so bloody stupid I can''t understand how you can even think it is true.I have also seen and heard an even more stupid version which basically is "if we had had a go at teams with two up top blah blah we would have won more".The logical fallacy should be evident any but the most ignorant.We have kept it tight, and managed to grab points and be difficult to breakdown.  The inevitable thing is that we won''t score as many.  You cannot attack AND defend in depth at the same time!We have a small and lets face it average squad and yet we are 8 points off the drop.To me that vindicates keeping it tight and grinding out the points we have.  It is not pretty but the alternatiev, based on the evidence from Villa, is that we could be going down if we had still had gung-ho lambert. One last point I would make.  The key player who has allowed us to keep it tight enough to survive is Bassong.  Would we have attracted him without Hughton here?No.
  9. And on another day we would have scored them.  Stop being a prat.-------------------------We had 14 shots today Grefstad - that''s a perfectly reasonable total for an away game.So we can''t finish for toffee then?
  10. It is more important not to lose, especially when a massively improved QPR are coming at you. 
  11. Holt had a poor game?Some of you people need to get a pair of eyes.Holt and Hoolahan were IMMENSE last night.  Their closing down and breaking up of the Spurs play in their own half was fantastic.  Both tired because of that in the second half, but the point was gained because of their work rate.I despair at how clueless some of you are.
  12. " If true not the sort of signing likely to take us to the next level to establish ourselves in the PL"Some of you need to wake up to reality.  The next level, mid table consistently, is a totally different league.  It means players costing millions, or even if free, costing 30,40, 50k a week in wages.WE DON''T HAVE THE MONEY.We need to survive.  Lets wait and see who we get in, how they perform and what the table says at the end of the season shall we?
  13. How on earth is ne "not needed" or a "third choice"?He would be stronger, quicker and positionally better than Turner, our second best defender.  Sign him up!
  14. And totally improbable.[quote user="Renskay"]I think if we signed Davies, Bridcutt, Kamara and Graham/Wolfswinkel in the next few days that would be about perfect.[/quote]
  15. If we are not in for Curtis Davies I will be astonished.
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