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  1. norwichsteve

    Have we given up playing the Norwich way?

    The Norwich who played Newcastle seem a far cry. I doubt that team, that day, we lose possession to Man United.
  2. I've seen Man United a few times this year and they are diabolical at keeping the ball. Somehow we gave up complete control and possession to them at home? It seems like we're not trying to dictate games anymore after being burnt a few times.
  3. norwichsteve

    When will it end

    players are made of glass
  4. norwichsteve

    I Told You So

    You lost to the Champions League winners and Europa League winners.. lol.
  5. I think outside of the top 6 and Leicester, we look to be the most comfortable side in possession in the league and play some of the best football.
  6. So far so good. Do we change for anyone? The Liverpool game leads me to believe we don't. Man City is another level above them. I think we'll probably sit in more for them. I think we will average about 51% possession this year.