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  1. Ipswich will be alright, there are enough empty seats at Portaloo Road they can all sit 1 metre apart!
  2. Most likely a replacement for De Guzman.
  3. How about something to ''Tricky'' by RUN DMC "Its Ricky Van Wolfswinkel, Van Wolfswinkel, Van Wolfswinkel, Its Ricky, rick rick rick ricky!" I''m sure someone can come up with something better than repeating his name in the first line!  
  4. Hello, first post but thought I would add to the debate that Fulham lost 2-1 at home to Charlton on Saturday. So by the logic of them losing to a Championship team and us to one in the Champions League, it should be a win for us this week. Just goes to show how little can be read into pre-season games.  For the record, my money''s on a draw, which would be a good result.
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