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  1. Not one to moan usually but there is a thread about Todd already.
  2. Does anyone know why he is still absent from the squad? Serious speculation/information please.
  3. Do you think that those teams will finish 11th and 12th? It is still early.
  4. You get less chances at this level. For example, Sargent under hit his shot. I thought that summed up the difference for me. I am not picking on him but I would suggest that most teams would have converted that sort of scoring opportunity. So yes we were not as bad in the past two games but are we good enough?
  5. Oh good. He is becoming my favourite player.
  6. What's the story regarding Normann?
  7. The Yeovil fans were great that day with the marquee bar.
  8. It's true that those who use multiple swear words tend to have a higher IQ. People that use the same one repeatedly during a sentence tend not to score highly.
  9. https://www.brightonandhovenews.org/2021/10/07/brighton-and-hove-albion-player-arrested-on-suspicion-of-sexual-assault/ Innocent until proven guilty.
  10. To be fair, the player's identity is in the public domain which negates the need for deleting posts imo. He certainly is their best player and may well affect their performance next week.
  11. A skidding pitch may help our passing game. I will take any bit of optimism at the moment!
  12. Racism is not defeated by middle aged white men saying that "I don't see colour". That view suggests that if that is the case, there is no problem as I have no problem.
  13. Just how unwell some of our players became over the summer suggests to me that not all were jabbed. I admit to being a vaccine fascist but if you don't have it one during a pandemic then you are extremely selfish, frankly.
  14. Head says lose 2- 0. Hope says 1-0 to us. Heart says it can't take it.
  15. Or. Who's your favourite player? I will go for Kenny.
  16. Should we expand the stadium? Not sure if we have discussed this one.
  17. This is why they take the knee. Keep on going it until there is no more need to highlight this behaviour.
  18. Its the free headers etc that makes me question the current zonal approach.
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