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  1. Will do! and we had a great time. Met some legends in the away pub before and one of my fav away days 🙂
  2. I guess my main point is where has this come from? Even the responses here show the division it's a shame
  3. We weren't far from that lot, saw it happen. But it's along the same lines as what I'm saying and part of why I posted. Bunch of was giving it afters to a 16 year old after the game bunch of tossers
  4. Not a binner, just been my experience at a number of games now. Maybe we are obnoxious but 90% of people round us seem to enjoy it. We are loud
  5. Might be my southern accent tbf, we're not local to Norwich but I'd say it's about 50/50 each game. Its becoming part and parcel of an away game for me, definitely a new thing in the last couple years
  6. Guessing you're one of them then 😂 I just cant understand the logic more than anything
  7. Nothing in particular tbh, just a general animosity from us starting chants. The generals of yellows and OTBC was maybe 5 minutes in. They then promptly left after we started a 'Were Norwich City. We' ll sing on our own". I more just wanted to see if anyone else had this perspective as it's definitely not the first time people have tried to make it uncomfortable to chant. Not that igaf 😂
  8. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced what our group gets when we are chanting. A glare behind from the older fan base is almost guaranteed. Today we were confronted for singing. Is this experienced by others? Any people who hate chanters care to share why? Never had this with younger fans but a portion of the older generation seem to hate it
  9. Inevitable with a game like this but have a word with the ticketing policy NCFC. Was about 30% Liverpool in the general sale area. Killed any chance of an atmosphere. Poor from the resellers too
  10. Held up by a few lads at the front of the away end when the team came over. Sainz was fuming, pointing outside like he wanted afters
  11. Anyone know what the sign said that had Sainz. Wound up at the game?
  12. It seems so obvious we need a CDM desperately. Let Sara get up the field and give us the position we've lacked for years. Can Knapper find one on loan?
  13. With the numbers involved in football this is a very astute move. The cost is nothing compared to the wages, transfer fees we are paying the players. Owning the whole process unlocks so much more, and ultimately gives us the edge. We can't do it like everyone else because we need all the edges we can get if we want to continue punching above our financial weight - which by this interview is the best we can hope for. This is actually huge it shouldn't be underestimated. The game already has and will continue to change to be data and machine learning focused as pretty much every single industry is doing.
  14. I think his lack of presence at the end of the game is very telling. I think everyone inside the club knew that was his last game. I actually think he was right man at wrong time. His decisions have been abysmal but things have been going so wrong I think you could probably see it that way whatever he did. He's made too many blunders to stay though now. Get Jack Wiltshire or Carlos Cuela in ASAP.
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