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  1. [quote user="Brighton Yellow"]I am stuck in Brighton today after getting a flat tyre mysteriously in the night!! I packed and was all set to leave this morning for the game but will now miss the party... Will probably be a 5 nil win now though OTBC!! [/quote] Remain positive at all times; I bet your tyre was only flat at the bottom!
  2. Hi Morty, I clicked on this thread last night not knowing what to expect; I was laughing out loud at so many of those stories that my partner kept drifting in and out of the room totally unconvinced by me saying ''I''m just on this football site thing''... Lots of people are calling it ''Comedy Gold'' and ''Comedy Genius'' - and IMO some certainly are! The thread had gained massive momentum, so anyone going there; make sure you''ve got plenty of time ahead of you!... http://www.waccoe.com/index.php?showtopic=103393
  3. Hi Morty, I clicked on this thread last night not knowing what to expect; I was laughing out loud at so many of those stories that my partner kept drifting in and out of the room totally unconvinced by me saying ''I''m just on this football site thing''... Lots of people are calling it ''Comedy Gold'' and ''Comedy Genius'' - and IMO some certainly are! The thread had gained massive momentum, so anyone going there; make sure you''ve got plenty of time ahead of you!...
  4. Always aim high! Why be ''realistic''? That usually means ''let''s make sure we don''t over-achieve by aiming lower''. That kind of thinking saps energy all around the place when you do that. Football is all about dreams; doing the best possible! Paul Lamberts is a ''collar-up/ready for business'' type who operates in a no-excuse zone - let''s help him keep it that way? With the right support we can do better than Leicester have this year - we should focus on winning every game and aim for the auto spots in the Championship. Why play in any league if you don''t intend to try and win it?
  5. Allocate the vacated place to the winners of the FA Vase; Norwich and (potentially) Wroxham in the Championship sounds good to me!
  6. Hey Phil, That''s a cracking video mate - thank you! I didn''t get drawn in the ticket ballot, so we watched the beam back at Carrow Road - your vid captures a huge amount of spirit from the day; I''m very impressed! Sent the link to my brother who lives in Gibraltar - he echoes my thoughts too. Cheers,
  7. [quote user="smiley"]I dont think lambert will be here come next season, I can see him moving on to Celtic i really can, I hope not though.[/quote] Why do you talk about Celtic if Sir Paul has already dismissed going there? You don''t seem to believe him!
  8. The togetherness is evident isn’t it? A season where the board, management, players and fans have been in harmony – and look what has been achieved! A bit of ‘dig-in wartime spirit’ it seems to me; a joined-up mentality with a focus that we have all shared. It’s a simple recipe for success - but as evidenced in the majority of other clubs, it’s far from easy to create. Well done and Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
  9. tonights result for me is down to one person and one person only because of his stupidity on Saturday............................Grant Holt. Yep! Totally agree...
  10. I''ve had nothing either? It''s very poor service! My son has his birthday on Saturday - I''m planning to take him and his friends (one is the son of an NCFC legend) to Charlton away and here we are on the Tuesday before the game unable to organise anything. It''s shameful to treat season ticket holders like this!
  11. At worst we will get big fat zero points! That''s the stark reality. Unlikely though. Holt was daft getting himself suspended - now we need to do it without him for 40% of the remaining games...
  12. Quote from Ginger Pele: ''he was probably one of the best refs we had all season''... I am astounded you think this! Surely you are being sarcastic? Paul Lambert said Michael Jordan would have been proud of the ''handball'' that all 4 sides of the ground (& the 4th official) saw. However the Ref apparently did not. He also chalked off a perfectly good goal and according to Neil Adams ''he lost control of the game''...
  13. Thought Holt was poor today; too many efforts off target & too much focus on barracking the Ref. His frustration showed throughout. Little composure and certainly not what a Captain should be demonstrating as our leader on the pitch. How is he going to break Terry Allcock''s scoring record if he keeps getting banned?
  14. There''s only one prize we need to win! Going up as League One Champions will do me fine!...
  15. [quote user="Pyro Pete"]I can''t believe how blind some fans are. McNamee was one of the few bright spots to a lackluster team performance today. Throw in the fact that McNamee pretty much revived our season when we were flagging and the diamond formation wasn''t working, and I think you will find he has played a vital role in our season.[/quote] I''m with you here - it WAS a flat performance by the team today - however McNamee was bright as a button. He is being asked to play on the opposite flank so even more repect! Are people on here getting complacent with their team as League leaders and maybe just a tad bored over Easter? Blimey - we didn''t play great but we got another 3 points; so that''s ''job done'' today.
  16. A fairly typical posting from a frustrated Leeds fan: Bad f***ing day at the office. Followed by s**t day at home. If there is a god. Tell him I hate the c**t. Leeds down to 4th; s''good innit? OTBC
  17. Is the ballot totally random or does it take into consideration previous allocations/rejections? We didn''t get Colchester away tickets, so are we more or less likely to get some for Charlton away - or does it make absolutely no difference? Does anyone know please?
  18. Chris Martin can operate on an economy of chances (like Saturday) and still produce the one winning touch that brings 3 points. That skillset has a certain value - and it''s a high value! He is likely to be even more impressive next season in the Championship; the importance of his strikes may be more useful than the sheer volume of goals? He is a natural finisher - through on goal he''s one City player you fully expect to finish more often than not. We need to look after him! Who was that Leeds player who produced a powder puff effort when put through on goal last Saturday - Grella maybe? Very poor effort - that''s the standard in some clubs - very weak. Most opposition managers would be doing cartwheels and high-fives if they could get Chris Martin into their squad!
  19. Ipswich did well in 2000/1: ''The team performed commendably in their first season back in the Premier League, finishing in fifth position, as well as reaching the League Cup semi-final for a third time''. Winning is a habit...
  20. [quote user="crafty canary"]I would be very surprised if PLwas aiming for anything less than the play-offs. He doesn''t strike me as the sort of chap who''s interested in getting by.[/quote] Bang on Crafty! What is the point in aiming low? That would be the quickest way to ensure a quick departure for Paul Lambert! He simply isn''t interested in poor performance - others need to think like him or move away... As a provider of Peak Performance training programmes, I know which camp I firmly reside in! With the support of the board, the aim should be the same again; the auto promotion places.
  21. [quote user="BroadstairsR"]Let''s just criticise Hooly now after all it''s easy to be critical all the time. Much easier than constructive evaluation. The player''s a star. Many, many clubs would want him, including them down the road. Garvan or Hoolahan anybody? I know my choice. [/quote] Ipswich had Hoolahan on trial a few years back and let him go! I was told this by an ITFC scout who came to watch my (left-footed 12 year old) play - he said (about my son); "he''s very one-footed and needs to develop use of his right more..." I replied ''well it doesn''t seem to have harmed the progress of Wes Hoolahan - or Alan Brazil & James Scowcroft?'' - that when he mentioned Ipswich had taken a look at Wes. Oh - the reason they let him go? ''he didn''t play with his head up''... Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater!
  22. Quote: Leeds fans are caught in a time warp and need to move on. Well noted kdncfc! The attitude of some Leeds supporters isn''t very 80''s or 90''s let alone naughties or tennies (is that the decade were in now?) - their whole outlook seems to rest on their success on the field in the 70''s. The saddest thing for me is these outdated attitudes and behaviours must have been learned from their fathers because a lot of those clowns we saw yesterday weren''t even born in the 70''s! All they know is Leeds USED to be a decent team...these days they''re nothing more than a group of frustrated wannabes''s who think by singing ''Marching on Together'' makes them a force to be reckoned with. Pity their team don''t play with the same ''conviction''; that powder-puff shot by Grella when he was through on goal yesterday was laughable - my 4 year old can strike a ball better than that! OTBC
  23. I''m glad this point has been made too! Me and my young son walk towards Yarmouth Road; we were met by a mass of Leeds fans outside The Holiday Inn. Given Leeds reputation for causing trouble and the fact they had just lost, this was plain crazy. Thankfully we managed to get to the car without witnessing anything nasty, but for the sake of a 5-10 minute detention why risk it? Someone needs a severe reprimand.
  24. Swindon are in better form than Leeds - I would be seriously worried if I were a Leeds supporter! It''s like watching a slo-mo car crash...
  25. Entertaining post! Another 3 points so it''s whoopee!
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