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  1. That is interesting. It means perhaps that a large block of shares might come on to the market which in turn could encourage someone somewhere to consider making a bid for the club which in turn could change the future fortunes of the "Canaries". Frankly I am happy with the way Delia has managed things in her tenure but it would be nice to have some real glory days (like Chelsea and Man City) before I kicked the bucket!
  2. I am not sure how they get the jobs. When I first watched Norwich they managed to play without any cards at all!
  3. Others disappear too. I wonder why Delia never asks my opinion because I have some shares. Be nice if she held an extraordinary meeting prior to sackings so all shareholders could have a say. A sort of "referendum"!
  4. I once heard a story that Delia goes to Walsingham to pray when the search for a new manager is near its end. Well that is OK by me provided she is praying for the right attributes. Number 1 is that she prays for a "Man manager". A person who can instill love and ambition into the members of the team which should be about 30 strong. Marilyn Monroe did that for some 300 million fans. so perhaps we could have a woman manager, a lady who has blonde hair, a perfect figure, good teeth and a sexy voice. Can you imagine that. A woman owner and a woman manager. together shouting "Get you finger out or no cake for tea!" Should get us to the top of the league quite quickly!
  5. I don''t like the booing or the bad language. It shows a poor mind. Language has always been bad across some sports however. My wife tells stories of attending Rugby League with her father 70 years ago when he would say to other spectators " Now lads watch your language there are young girls here!" A problem at Norwich seems to be the casual supporter who has bought someones season ticket seat especially in the "Barclay". He seems to think he has bought the right to swear and boo with his ticket. Maybe a warning could be given with the ticket of the standards expected within the ground of the casual visitor. I remember a notice on the subject of swearing being handed out at a Perth Glory match in Western Australia to spectators in the "Shed" who were mainly English. Perth Glory at the time was owned by an Italian.
  6. I have got my own from 10 - 20 years ago. Long lasting birds. It came to Wembley with me when we played Middlesboro and Cardiff when we played Birmingham.
  7. Well there was as far as i was concerned. C.P. won and we lost! It is rubbish to say we were equally bad. We lost and they won! In the old days we passed the ball quickly and accurately. Now we hoof it up field to who? Even as recently as Grant Holt we passed the ball and he scored. Now we hoof it, there is no one there so one one scores. Small wonder Delia and MWJ look sour. Did you watch Vardy on Sunday. Run up the field and score a goal. Lots of players do that every Saturday afternoon on the Park,. If their back gets in the way run over him!!
  8. The England Manager does not want us to forget that guy at Man United who was the England captain . Apart from the fact he used to play for Everton, and had a hair transplant can anyone remember remember who he is talking about?
  9. Well believe it or not I am a "real" supporter. Been going to Carrow for 50 years. No one gave me a medal. I expect in 50 years time you may have given up too. Except for the Milk Cup and a trip to Italy Norwich has always been the same, Maybe it is the "air"!
  10. even tho I have a season ticket. Don''t even watch MOTD. Its more fun to light the fire and go to sleep on the couch, I suppose I could write to Delia. She must be feeling pretty low. She does not have my options.
  11. I believe there were not enough members at the Shareholders meeting  for the decisions reached to be carried out and there has to be another meeting.  What the auditor will say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or has he already said.  Perhaps it does not matter.any longer So many of us are now getting near the magic age of 85 yrs .The Saturday afternoon joy of taking the Sevice lift to the top of the Barclaywith Philip will soon be over. Good man Philip.
  12. That could have been the problem. The committee, whose numbers were restricted by the Association''s constitution only met once a month and the members of the Association only met once a year at the AGM of the Association. The Chairman and the Secretary were related at one time and perhaps had their own reasons for not wanting the size of the Committee to be expanded. There is also a problem in identifying who is a shareholder of the Club and his address without being able to check the Club''s records regularly. Shareholders often register nominees as the holders of their shares.
  13. Well strangely enough the Association has not quite given up the ghost and there is to be one more meeting later this month when it can yet be saved. The Association wanted to have one of its members on the Board to represent the hundreds of shareholders who effectively have "no say" in the running of the Club unless they catch the eye of the Chairman at the AGM and even then their speaking time is usually very limited. The Association had a worthwhile annual income from its members and was completely self funding. however without a Board member it had to rely for its information on hearsay which it was often unable to publish, It has been a worth while and useful tool to restrict the freedom of the Majority shareholder and it is a shame that the various fans organisations seem to feel that they wanted to run without its cooperation and perhaps vice versa, Maybe it can be reborn with a committee well versed in Company, Contract and Employment Law which might take it back to its roots..
  14. Another full house yesterday full of well behaved fans showing nothing but satisfaction. The Shareholders Association being swept under the carpet and told any future subscriptions will not be accepted. The players scoring goals. Two class goal keepers fit and well. Fans from all over the world parading their flags and a girl singing opera and being applauded at half time. No foreigners on the Board. A lovely little Club. We are well satisfied..... I think???
  15. Yes of course we could and if you and I were the manager our team would play several types of football certainly be different if we were winning 3-1 to that if we were loosing 3-1. American football even plays with two teams one for attack and one for defense. If one manager cannot do both jobs let us have two managers. I was gutted to watch Norwich loose that game and any true supporter should be too.
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