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  1. Yeah absolute joke as we have been so good this season and are improving with every game. Needed to get that clown out and no time for a completely new face to come in. Need someone who knows the club and has respect there to come in and try to salvage a few more points. Doesn''t bother me if we go as would have anyway with Hughton in charge
  2. As i said "While Johnson may have scored a header from all of 2 yards" this does not hide the fact that we are playing in an elite league of professional football and I defy anyone with even a limited knowledge of football to make a case for him. Replace him and the team improves ten fold, so we may have won 3-0
  3. 1) Getting out of bed 2) Turning Up 3) Picking Johnson (again) 4) Picking Bassong (again) 5) Taking Hoolahan off 15 mins too early 6) Putting Elmander on (again) 7) Listening to Trollope and Calderwood 8) Not resigning due to incompetence While Johnson may have scored a header from all of 2 yards, he is a shocking footballer who would not get a regular game in most Championship teams. We continue to handicap ourselves by playing this carthorse and we will go down if Hughton continues to put his blind faith in him. I am not a fan of slating players but when you see someone who is clearly way out of his depth then I consider myself to be doing him a favour and selling him to a league 1 outfit with all the other cloggers will be putting him out of his misery
  4. What do we do in training regarding forward play. We are without doubt the most naive attacking force in the league and don''t seem to have a clue in the final third. We have the players at our disposal but have no idea how to play them. Best chances today were self created by Redmond and Hooper. When was the last time we created a one on one goalscoring chance or carved open a defence with craft. We never score from corners or free kicks and look like we rely on a long range effort which we can then defend for the remainder of the match. As all of our coaches are defensively minded surely we need to bring in a specialist forward coach to work on our obvious weakness. As good as the point was today, most observers would admit that we were extremely lucky not to concede at least twice in the second half and the lack of chances we are creating could have and will cost us during the season. This is the so called best league in the world and we are stinking it out with a brand of anti-football that is turgid and depressing. Entertain us. That is your minimum requirement and why you are handsomely rewarded. Bradley Johnson would not have got into a pub team in the 70''s. So he can huff and puff and make a few tackles. So can the majority of able bodied adults. The game is called football and requires a certain skill factor. Growing a nice beard is not a required talent. Having the vision and awareness of a Wes Hoolahan is a vital talent and if he was Spanish he would be lauded. Give me him on the pitch over Johnson any day of the week and sacrifice the mythical defensive midfielder. We defend twice as much as we have to as Johnson gives the ball away so often. The spectators would be a lot happier as well as they would feel safer not having to avoid Johnsons shooting mishaps.
  5. Surely with the game lost and the players on the field not doing it, we would have made a third change if only to give someone a run out. Surely keeping one back in case of injury was not the reason. Words fail me Pelligrini was just asked if that was there best performance of the season and he said "We only played Norwich" he didn''t really but might as well have done
  6. It''s now obvious that Hughtons negativity has affected the players and they don''t seem to have a clue what they are meant to be doing. They still have to take a big part of the blame though as they were individually awful. We need a fresh face in quickly
  7. As long as we are one win off the top ten, then that long!
  8. CUSDP said "Another day we would have won 3-0? People were saying the same after hull and villa. I''m still waiting." Now you''re getting it, patience is the key
  9. Do you remember Cardiff having any chances in the second half. After getting battered first half they shut up shop and played for a point which is why we found it harder to make clear cut chances after the break. We had to be patient and on any other day would have found a goal. One thing is clear, we are vastly better than we were at the start of the season and are starting to look like a Premier League team. If we keep playing like this we will win more than we lose and be comfortable. If we are getting better by the week rather than worse then Hughton is going the right way and learning what his best team and formation is. (Like all us amateurs) so no need to press the panic button just yet
  10. He is claiming breach of contract because he was told he was joining a Premier League team. The look on his face after Tetteys shot was priceless.
  11. I can accept a bad performance I can accept "its hard to play against 10 men" I can accept it was never a penalty I can accept we were playing a newly promoted team in their first home game I can accept new players bedding in But we were and have been for some time so f****** dull, i''d nearly prefer to go shopping with the missus!
  12. I don''t think that the new players coming in is as important as the players teams might lose. There will be some worried teams struggling to keep star players and our strong point is that we are by no means a "one man team" Can see Ruddy and Snoddy being the only two who may generate interest and think both will probably still be here next season. Cannot say the same for Benteke, Michu etc. We may have the same problem next year if RVW has a good season.
  13. Go through the fixtures and even being extremely conservative I can see us picking up /// 13 points minimum by the end of the season. Factor in 2 of the bottom 5 playing each other almost every week and we can get the cigars on already
  14. If you set a series link for the football league show with a buffer set for a couple of minutes, then you will be able to watch our highlights every week without having to sit through or fast forward all the other guff.
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