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  1. I have ended up with 2 or 3 spare tickets for tomorrow''s match in the standing terrace. They are £20 face value but potentially open to an offer.
  2. I have one spare ticket available for today in block A Lower Barclay. Face value, £48 - can meet Nr ground. PM for details.
  3. Sounds alright to me. I think we need to remember that we are all football fans and stop with the division into seperate groups. One change can and will hopefully lead to further which benefit fans.
  4. You shouldn’t take it so literally. I know we’re an insular bunch with a fear of travelling more than 40 miles, every fan can be an away fan at some point.   Therefore the campaign is for the benefit of every fan.   Support the cause, or continue to find issues when there really shouldn’t be any.
  5. My point re discussing the merits of this particular campaign is that it aims to lower the cost of football for fans. It is limited in its reach yes, but it acts to raise awareness of the bigger issue – that football is too expensive. If you agree, then support the cause, not pick holes in it based on whether you benefit in the short term. As you say, you can’t focus on one group and neglect another, therefore the campaign is only good! The campaign, as others will and do should open up debates on the issue in forums where decisions are eventually be made.   There is a definite belittling of the campaign within this thread by a group of people who clearly don’t consider the campaigners to be of any intellectual / moral worth. It’s sad really…   Simple question; do you consider football is too expensive for fans? Answer yes; then do no belittle the campaign. Answer no; then there is something wrong with you.  
  6. ''no democratic mandate''??? Bit heavy that and missing the point somewhat. If they say they are football fans trying to make things better for fellow football fans then that is fine by me. Why does everything have to come through officially recognised bodies etc. Perhaps the fact that football in general is in such a sorry state (cost of matches etc) is a good reason as to why such groups exist which you may not consider worthy of your interest. The interest you have shown thus far is to question in a manner which is not particularly helpful and can easily be construed as overly critical. Seeing as you and others have shown interest, why not meet on the day and make a proper judgement then. Message boards are really not the best place. It seems to me that we are at a tipping point in football where whole generations may be priced out of football, potentially ruining / changing the atmosphere of matches forever. To have a group, regardless of their credentials whose stated intentions are to bring about a change which can only be interpreted as positive for all fans is surely a good thing? The campaign may not be the best way forward, however it does, even if only in a small way help to raise awareness of wider issues. Why not support instead of critique?
  7. This is totally daft. A group of supporters, irrespective of their name or stature are campaigning to attempt to make football more affordable for all people. They have a plan which may or may not be the most effective method of reaching their goal. Instead of supporting or helping chumps on here simply seek to find problems which essentially come back to the fact they feel they don’t benefit from the goal.   Thankfully, this is only an online message board and is in no way representative of reality. My understanding is that everyone I have ever met who attends matches would like prices to be cheaper. This campaign aims to make that happen one day. So well done and good look to those working towards that goal. To the others, just leave it and go and moan about something else.
  8. Excellent peice following the West Ham match https://tacticiancolumn.wordpress.com
  9. What a load of waffle! You''ve managed to write a load of basic observations mixed with some made up $hit and then added some other guff to make yourself sound pretty pretentious.
  10. They are actually a requirement of the Premier League now to facilitate new 4K super HD broadcasting. Additional bulbs have been added to the 4 floodlight pillars and the a number under the roofs which focus on the goalmouths.
  11. http://planning.norwich.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=externalDocuments&keyVal=NTKWNZLX0P200 Hhhmmmmm
  12. Yeaaaaaaaah well this is a load of $hit! And people wonder why the rest of the world percieve us to be a small team... Average midfielder who had 1 good season out of 4. The good season being at a lower level. Yes he played well in a lot of games last season and scored some crucial goals, but so did Grabban, Howson, Martin etc... Getting £6m for him is astonoshing!
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