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  1. End of the day it''s better for Tettey to get yellows than us to concede goals.
  2. Strange that he predicted relegation for us days ago but now we are Barcelona! At least he knows though we won''t lack goals even though Bradley Johnson won''t be on our bench.
  3. Wouldn''t complain with the Tettey one as I thought that was a certain yellow card. It''s the consistently that gets to you though. Whittaker was sent off for two soft yellows against Southampton, which I have no problem with. But then Francis gets away with it, if you are going to have a rule then you have to enforce it all the time. In the end though it didn''t matter thankfully!
  4. And I think he is right. I like Lafferty but don''t think he is Premier League class despite his NI form.
  5. Look at his career, he has never scored more than 11 league goals in a season. There is very little evidence to suggest that he could be a regular scorer in the Premier League. That being said, if we allow Gary Hooper out on loan his chance may well come.
  6. I agree with the original post of the OP. Spending big is always a risk, which is part of the reason I''m fine about the fact we didn''t go down that road. I think something that people forget is Watford and Bournemouth lack Premier League players so had to spend. I think one of the reasons we haven''t is because we have Premier League players already since we have only been away for one season. For instance if you look at out midfield with the likes of Brady, Tettey, Howson, Dorrans, Redmond, Wes and others. I don''t think there is any doubt that they are Premier League quality. Up front it''s less secure and we don''t know how they will get on, but we have to trust AN judgement on that. The defence has a lot of stick but think they are better than given credit for. The other thing is come Jan we can spend if we need to.
  7. Let''s be honest here, Alex Neil isn''t an idiot. He will have a plan if those injuries do occur, maybe he knows someone in the squad can cover if needs be. Maybe he knows one of our youth players could step up. The fact he didn''t sign that central defender and let Turner out on loan, suggests he has a plan. Maybe it''s Wisdom at central defence as suggested. Yes, he is playing at right back for one game but that''s all. At the moment we don''t have an injury problem so why are we invented them? Elliott Bennett can also play at right back if needed. I would agree that this defence is stronger than we have had in the past. We just need to score enough and we''ll be fine.
  8. It just shows the risk of spending big in the transfer market.
  9. Shall we wait until the next game until we judge. If we smash Bournemouth 4-0 does that mean we have done badly?
  10. Johnson not Premier League quality, if he was then why have we sold to a Championship club?
  11. a1canary, I agree with your original point. There is no doubt that McNally is one of the best CEO''s around and we are lucky to have him. I also don''t agree that our transfer window was a disaster, I think we got most of the bases covered. I''m sure we will do well, not the season of struggle that has been predicted.
  12. I don''t remember Johnson excelling when we were last in the Premier League, so not sure we are selling our best players!
  13. I have a feeling that AN has a plan for our central defence problem, no idea what it is - but he has a plan!
  14. Surely this just comes with the territory. All the best defensive midfielders I remember have always had a habit of picking up yellow cards. The job he plays for us in protecting our defence (a very important job!) means he has to pick up a yellow card from time to time. It''s true that he will miss the odd game here and there due to suspension, but I think we have another cover in the squad to deal with that.
  15. So, the transfer window closes at 6pm tonight. What can we expect: The Danish defender or another defender Jonathan Walters or the long shots of Austin and Afobe A new winger: Antonio, Pritchard Something unexpected? Read on: https://www.the-newshub.com/football/what-can-norwich-city-fans-expect-from-the-last-week-of-the-transfer-window
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