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  1. We''re in good shape, stay up this season and we can start to save for expansion?
  2. If he were a Norwich supporter you''d love it.
  3. Oh FFS... another Fox thread. I love to comment negatively, but it''s interesting to see that more people have commented on Fox''s alround ability this time. The POTS argument is a poor one, I almost fell off my chair when his name was read out. People take it so personally, but his best and arguably his only attribute ''passing'' has lacked in the chances his had to prove himself under Lambert & Hughton. Please Norwich, get rid.
  4. I''m not attention seeking, I couldn''t give a flying fck what you moaners think about me. This is the first time I''ve commented on the Hughton situation. You talk of morale, do you honestly believe the players can''t hear the boo''s? The players are potentially good enough, we played an attacking formation and we lost because yet again we didn''t score. The penalty, yep disappointed it wasn''t taken by a striker, but the players ultimately decide on the pitch. I did see either striker stating their claim!
  5. and if you boo''d at any Norwich displeasure today you are also a numpty. A lot of you are thinking we''re some kind of top 6 team, get a life you bunch of losers. You really need a reality check. OTBC.
  6. I hope we''ve made the enquiry too. More pace and stronger than Beno.
  7. A great deal of players shirts, including an Elmander one on sale by the club on eBay this evening. I like this idea, it makes me think they are using their initiatives by making every available penny they can for the club. I bet every shirt goes for about or over £100?
  8. [quote user="City1st"]this just makes a monkey out of the game [/quote]i see what you did there!
  9. [quote user="Dr Crafty Canary"]As they are spending so much I wonder what they''ll do if Real Madrid come back and say they will now only pay £70M.[/quote]If Madrid call their bluff, Spurs might start to panic?
  10. I think this deserves a mention, likely to become the most expensive transfer thus far? I''m going to set my stall out and say £90 mil.Truly an absurd amount  of money.I think Spurs will spend and have spent wisely, top 4 for them next season?
  11. FFS, is it April the 1st, this is the most ridiculous post i have ever seen, and i should know, i''ve been responsible for a few! Pardew is a complete and utter arse, and by all accounts apparently not well respected by his peers in the game. The bloke idolises himself, please throw this thread away, i was having a nice day until i read this absolute tosh!
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