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  1. Rangers should stretch their lead at the top v Falkirk. Best of luck all
  2. [quote user="Highland Canary"]Ultimately, it was the failure in the Summer transfer window which left us with to much to do.[/quote] Did I wake up in June?!
  3. Sorry clean forgot - Ill take Blackburn to beat Newport on Monday night
  4. [quote user="hogesar"]I think, apart from Wes, who generally plays behind the striker, and Redmond, who again is infrequently inside the penalty area, we don''t have anyone likely to win a pen through pace or trickery.Particularly playing one up front, we tend to go for the big, physical striker. They''re much less likely to win a penalty than a nimble, skillfull and pacey striker. Simeone Jackson probably our most recent, and he wasn''t particularly good.[/quote] Agreed. Anyone that think''s its some giant conspiracy against the club needs to take the glasses off.
  5. I expect Leicester to get back to winning ways v Bournemouth. Best of luck all. For NCFC, I think 0-0 for some reason
  6. I am away for the next few weeks, so Xmas picks as below (Not 100% sure of the dates but hopefully these work) 19/12 - United to beat Norwich 26/12 - Man City to beat Sunderland Best of luck all
  7. Falkirk should be too strong for Fraserburgh in the Scottish Cup. Best of luck all NCFC Bet, Sanchez to score more than once (If he looks likely to start)
  8. Celtic should be too strong for Kilmarnock. Best of luck all. Match bet, I like the both teams to score in the first half at 4/1 that feedthewolf posted.
  9. [quote user="PurpleCanary"]A sincere thank-you to all PUPs for making such an effort to find plenty of different offerings. A special tribute to Trent for his Goan game, which puts my poor attempts at obscurity in the shade! .[/quote] Just as well old boy, looks like it finished 0-0. Although on the one site I have found. the opposition name appears to be different so frankly I''m none the wiser. If so, then it''s 5 goal-less draws in 6 games for the oppo!
  10. To India, and the Goa Premier League. Churchill Brothers take on Calangute tomorrow morning. Churchill Brothers are in 4th, Calangute second from bottom. Churchill have won their last two games 4-0 and 5-0. Calangute have not scored in 5, including an amazing 4 goal-less draws. And you thought Chris Hughton was bad. All for the bargain price of 4/11 Best of luck PC
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