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  1. Decent signing this i think, i''m relatively pleased...for once.
  2. Fuc* me this is depressing isn''t it.
  3. And we''re a small club they couldn''t care less about.
  4. Not good enough. Do we want to go straight back up or settle for mid table.
  5. If we go down we have to make Malky our number one target although i think he might be holding out for a prem job after proving himself in the Championship. If we stayed up i would be looking at other targets like Tuchel and other names from Europe. But if we were relegated i would be delighted with Malky, he is proven at that level and i wouldn''t be worried about the club legend tag as unlike Gunn, Adams etc he is a proven good manager.
  6. We will never truely move forward under Delia and MWJ but to many Norwich fans are too scared of change and stuck in their ways too force the real change that''s needed.
  7. Who cares? were down anyway. Still don''t think we''l finish bottom.
  8. What a Fu*k up by the board this season has been. Should have sacked him months and months ago, christmas at the latest. The board tryed to show they were different from other clubs in this league by sticking with their man and backing him through thick and thin, after the Sunderland game i assumed Hughton would be hear to the end of the season regardless of results then he would be gone but to sack him now smacks of real desperation. Supporters of other clubs must be laughing.
  9. Turner is the only CB who gives us any kind of leadership and desire, we really miss him away from home, Wasn''t the game at Palace when he got injured the last time we picked up any points away? No coincidence.
  10. Im 99% Hughton will be gone in 6 games time. Trouble is im 50/50 we might be gone from this league in 6 games time.
  11. Westbrom is massive now next week. Win it an were arguably a point from safety with 5 games left. Fail to win and we look in the sh*t big time. Can''t see us getting any more than 34 points if we don''t win next week.
  12. Wow, that wasn''t even a decent goal, just so so easy for Swansea. Fuk off Hughton.
  13. They are fuck*ng all over us, this is a shower. We are sh*t
  14. Would have brought in Hooper for RVW personally.
  15. This has got all the makings of Everton away for me. People thinking our good record will continue but our luck runs out. If it wasn''t for our great recent record against Swansea i don''t think people would be so optimistic. With the way Hughton approaches away games with the defensive mentality drilled into the team i expect a narrow defeat. 2-1 Swansea.
  16. 1-4 now. The most goals ever in one weekend in the history of the Prem.
  17. We will pay the price for not sacking Hughton long ago like 90% of fans could see. To late to sack anyone now in mid February. The board have sent us down.
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