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  1. ---------------Ruddy Martin Turner Bassong Olsson ----------Bradders Tettey ---Snodgrass Fer Pilkington -----------------Hooper Howson and Redmond to come on in second half (assuming we are chasing the game)
  2. A strong end to the season: YES Anything else: NO
  3. So Hooper missed a few chances GP at least he''s getting in the right areas time to lay off this nonsense about the supply line not finding RVW''s incredible runs when they seem to find Hooper''s ok. Also RVW is very weak in the air he loses far more battles than he wins. Also Hoopers first touch, hold up play and lay off when back''s to goal is far superior to RVWs. Still hope he turns it round though.
  4. Halftime team talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4x05Z3MSkQ
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