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  1. It would probably take our entire transfer budget to have a chance of signing him, and completely ruin our wage structure. And then you have the hurdle of trying to lure a player from going from 2nd in the Bundesliga to fighting off relegation to the Championship. Some of the names on here really do make me chuckle.
  2. Normally paying 5.5m for a guy who''s nearly 30 would slightly concern me. But what does 5.5m get you these days in the Premiership? Bugger all. Definitely worth a punt imo. We all know McNally doesn''t like giving long contracts to players nearing the big 30, so i doubt it would be more than a 2/3 year contract anyway.
  3. [quote user="cornish sam"]Why don''t they just stick the original on the tannoy at some point before kickoff, at the end of matches and sometimes just before the second half kicks off to fire up the crowd, people will soon learn the correct speed/tune. This is what Leeds Rhinos do with Marching on Together and when you''re in the middle of the South Stand that really does send a shiver down your spine even with the backing track. If people are too precious about singing along to the record, just fade it out once people have joined in, it would make more sense then having the bloomin countdown![/quote] Best idea I''ve seen on here so far
  4. ^ i was there, in the lower tier, in the noisiest part of the ground, and i still agree that Boro out-sung us. That was until we scored twice, and then obviously we did all the singing. But before the game and the goals, they were far far louder. Im sorry but it''s true.
  5. [quote user="morty"]Perhaps if the whole ground sung, instead of just the Barclay / Snake pit.....[/quote] To be fair, some of us in the River End do try to sing it. But the barclay go fast, that they end up finishing a good 3 or 4 seconds before us. But to the original post, I completely agree that it would be so much better if we could get it slower and the whole ground singing it. But realistically, how could it ever be achieved? I''ve never heard the original tune other than on Youtube. The only idea i can think of is to get a group of us together (like the Barclay end project do) at friendlies and cup games. Then gradually the rest of the ground will figure it out.
  6. This android box sounds too good to be true! How come live streaming websites are getting shut down left right and centre by the courts,yet this box is legal?? You''d think Sky would be all over this like a rash
  7. [quote]Hopefully the playing angle won''t show that ghastly hotel in the corner much.[/quote] I doubt the hotel will be included in the ''stadium rights'' of Carrow Road, so they''ll probably just leave that corner empty.
  8. I genuinely thought that was a troll when I saw that beauty of a name..
  9. Is this 360 DVD just going to be recycled from footage from the Youtube series? I''d probably pay 20 quid if its actually something i haven''t already watched on the internet for free!
  10. It''s been a really interesting series. I''m hoping to see a lot more series like it next season, as the club will have a lot more money to spend on more ''luxury'' things like media, to ''increase the norwich brand'' and all that rubbish. Just look at Man City''s channel. I have no links to them whatsoever but i often watch some of their videos.
  11. No, there''s been no news from the club when the new kits will be out. Can''t imagine it''ll be too long though
  12. Clearly you guys weren''t behind the goal in the River End.... There was about 10 of us having a full out scrum with the stewards trying to get past. They definitely didn''t want us on the pitch.
  13. I hope you like tonnes of sarcasm and middle-aged men fighting like 14 year old girls on Facebook ;) See you at Wembley! :)
  14. I''ve been at UEA for a year now, so i know which pubs do or do not exist...
  15. I can understand why the sc*mmers have been so annoyed about not being given an away pub. Seems like having them wondering around norwich will only cause more trouble. Just shove them in a tiny pub and keep them out of the way
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