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  1. Our LDC seems happy on another, better forum, away from the trolls on here like 1st, Chops Pitchforks et al.   Think I''ll close my A/C and join him.
  2. [quote user="TIL 1010"]It''s going to be a real struggle in the morning Wiz to come up with a negative thread. [:P][/quote]   I don''t need to Til, that win has revived my hopes.............a little! [;)]
  3. But when fit he''s still a match winner on his day.   Having said that I think he''s wanted out for some time now.
  4. [quote user="Buh"]Unlucky wiz, you''ll be crying yourself to sleep all week I expect Must be guttering for you, take care now.[/quote]   I have a huge smile this weekend thanks to the win........a repeat on Tuesday would be brilliant.   Must be guttering for you, take care now.[:D]
  5. Care mate, you''ll be called a binner for thinking like this.
  6. [quote user="ricardo"]A  bit cloudy over Lowestoft tonight I reckon. [/quote]   No Ricardo, clear skies here............do you think we''ll be spending the sales money or hording it?
  7. [quote user="Jenkins"]Yep I''m afraid so, pretty obvious really GJL[/quote]   As I respect your opinion Jenkins and you seem happy with it I''m happy to go along with it.
  8. [quote user="mrs miggins"]wtf[/quote]   Jeez, how many more?
  9. If Fer does leave I make that £18 million we''ve received in transfer fees this window..........I don''t see a lot of it being spent yet.  [:|]
  10. [quote user="Herman "]I dunno, there are a lot trying tonight Wiz. [/quote]   I have them on ignore Herman.   Hopefully we''re now up and running.
  11. [quote user="Hackedoff"]£8m fee agreed with QPR[/quote]   Source?
  12. Still a terrific result today, nothing can spoil that great feeling.
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