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  1. I can never quite ‘get’ how strongly opposed people are to paying a couple of quid a month for the subscription. I appreciate it’s all about opinions, but I think the quality, regularity and volume of content is good (if a little regurgitative over pre season). I haven’t hyper-analysed what exactly is ‘additional’ but living in Northern Ireland I’m happy to support the Pink Un as I don’t get much other coverage and would hate to see it sink. If my contribution assists in keeping the message board operational as well, then that’s a bonus (kind of). As for other podcasts, can’t stand TNC, really enjoy ACN and the Scrimmage and whilst Michael Bailey is probably the most eloquent and knowledgeable of the bunch, he seems to have disappeared and I find him a bit of an earache anyway. Just my tuppence worth.
  2. Loved big Iwan as a player but my word, his contributions are absolute gash. Back of a fag packet job. Complete polar opposite to Sutton’s whose are always worth a read.
  3. A very divisive figure but I can only speak from personal experience when, as an 11 year old fan back in 1992, my dad wrote to him and asked if I could be match mascot for our first ever home Premier League game against Chelsea. Mr Chase agreed and furnished me with a free kit and ball, director’s box ticket for my dad, personally introduced us to all of the players and in general oversaw a truly wonderful experience that has stuck with me ever since. My dad brought him a crest of arms plaque of Belfast and I remember Mr Chase hanging it there and then in his office before having a cup of tea with us. Couldn’t see that type of thing happening now! Anyway, I appreciate he perhaps made some questionable calls in charge of the club but as a character, I found him warm, welcoming and acting in what he believed to be the club’s best interests. RIP.
  4. Thanks again to all of you for your activity and grub suggestions. Thought I’d extend the courtesy of giving a very brief summary of what I got up to, for those who may be interested… After a shaky start to the trip in the form of a 2-hour flight delay to Stansted on Monday, we managed a trip to the Norwich Ski Club for a session of tubing followed by a feed of fab Caribbean fayre at Turtle Bay, both of which were thoroughly enjoyable. On match day we took a fantastic trip along the Norfolk Broads on a river boat, the experience enhanced by the lovely sunny weather. The afternoon was spent on a bit of sight-seeing around the City, as well as some retail therapy (including On the Stall City), the Elms, the Lanes, etc. The wife was very impressed with the city and the people. I then met with a friend I hadn’t seen in several years before heading to the match with my boys. Following an expensive trip to the club shop, I managed to grab a photo with Delia - who love her or loathe her - was very friendly and looked great for 81. Have to say, I never thought I’d get to spend Valentine’s evening with her! The main event was obviously the football which could hardly have gone any better and needs no summary. The icing on the cake was that we were staying at the Holiday Inn at the ground and had an excellent pitch view from the room. I was like a child on Christmas morning when I opened the door and saw that! The wife spent Valentine’s evening - at my request - recording the game on her phone through the window! Post-match celebrations were held in The Murderers where I met up with another friend I hadn’t seen in many years, before winding down with a kebab from the war-torn Prince of Wales Road. So all-in-all a great if somewhat expensive trip; already looking forward to the next one….
  5. Thanks very much for all your suggestions, I’ve made a note of every one of them and now doing a bit of research to whittle it down a bit. After today’s showing I may need to look for something to do on Tuesday evening as well
  6. That’s great, some good ideas in there thanks. I like the sound of the boat trip so will investigate further. Quite keen to give a good impression of the city to encourage many more future trips and to persuade the kids to change allegiances and support our beloved team!
  7. Morning all, As a long time supporter yet infrequent visitor to Norwich, I am for the first time bringing the family over from Northern Ireland for the match on Tuesday night. We arrive Monday morning, leaving Wednesday morning so have a day and a half of time to fill. Wanting to create a great impression of the Fine City so that they want to come back, I am seeking recommendations for any family-orientated places to visit / activities to do. I will have a hire car so could travel a bit, although looking to keep it to a relative minimum. I was over in December on my own and visited the Cathedral with I enjoyed, so that could be one option. Other initial thoughts include a river ride along the Wensum or a trip to the Norfolk broads. Anyway, enough waffle - grateful for suggestions. Thanks. Edit: also open to dining suggestions! Went for fish/chips and pint somewhere in Tombland in December and it was fab. Don’t recall name though. “Family” includes wife and two boys (9 and 12).
  8. Agreed. I was seething at this and it smacks of pure desperation, i.e. accusing us of making it personal and not liking him and that he can’t change his looks or his accent (WTF?). The press really missed a trick in not homing in on the actual reasons, such as consistently under-performing, lack of tangible game plans, lack of any balance or structure to the team, etc, etc. We are being painted as the panto villains, character assassination. Delia and MWJ should stand up and protect their most valuable asset - us.
  9. I’m pretty sure I didn’t dream this, but one of the Pink Un lads mentioned a number of weeks ago that any Smith pay off “wouldn’t be an issue”, or words to that effect. It made me think at the time that there may be a break clause, or that we can buck him out on the cheap if we drop out of the top 6. That’s pure speculation on my part but I did feel somewhat assured when I read the comment from Paddy, Connor or Sam (on one of the Q&A’s). Not sure where that leaves the sizeable back room staff though….
  10. I received an email from the Trust on Tuesday offering me some for sale. Small number available, sold to the highest bidder.
  11. Bit of a tenuous effort, but David Healy is managing Linfield in Northern Ireland.
  12. Was at the game and would say that Rashica edged the battle between two fairly average performers. Following a lively start where Rashica showed Jamal a clean pair of heels on a couple of occasions and almost scored with a free kick, the Kosovan faded badly and was subbed after around 75 minutes when NI were starting to push hard for an equaliser. I appreciate Jamal has had very little game time this season (45 mins for Newcastle I believe) so he obviously isn’t 100% fit, but I was pretty disheartened by how disinterested he appeared to be. Seldom looked to get involved and when he did get forward, he (still) tends to turn back and play a pass backwards rather than whip it into the box. For Norwich, he is certainly no better than Dimi. In more positive news, was nice to see a Norn Iron win for a change, especially with that lot down the road losing as well!
  13. I’m glad someone else has noticed this. We’re all human and make mistakes, but my word the BBC live reporting is truly tragic! Furthermore, if you think it’s bad for football, you should see the state of their score reporting in the tennis!
  14. When the final whistle went, the camera panned to Smith (with our subs bench in the background) and you can clearly see Rashica making a beeline for the tunnel. The rest of the subs (mainly smiling) came onto the pitch or at least hung about for a bit. Might be reading too much into it, but either way it didn’t look good.
  15. Behind enemy lines in a Celtic pub in Salou. A little bit challenging as - based on where I’m from - the assumption is I’m supporting Celtic. Afraid not B(h)oys!
  16. I was at the match and must say, Linfield (managed by David Healy) were very fortunate although the goal was excellent. Bodo will win the second leg comfortably.
  17. Starved of any decent Norwich action here in Northern Ireland, I heard at short notice that our Under 18’s are “on tour” and played this morning against the County Antrim Under 18’s in Newcastle, County Down. The Northern Ireland Norwich City Supporters’ Club (membership of 6 - me, a mate and our respective kids!) decided to take the game in and I thought I’d share a few random observations/points: 1. We were 2-0 up, hit the post twice and could have had a handful more. Needless to say, the game finished 2-2. 2. we had the tendency of trying to walk the ball into the net which was quite frustrating, especially on one occasion when our player was only 6/7 yards out and still didn’t shoot. 3. We have some big units, but still lacked physicality. Understandable at that age, but we were bullied by less technically proficient players who were happy for a scrap. 4. The Antrim coach told us that Norwich have “high hopes” for two of the players in particular - Finley Welch (akin to Cantwell in looks and style of play) and Solomon Alidor-Hamilton, who was also a midfielder. 5. We paid £50k to Wigan for our keeper when he was 13! Looked comparatively small and was unspectacular, conceding a penalty… which was never a penalty. 6. Not too many stand outs, understandable given I believe any top quality under 18’s would have been playing for the under 23’s today v MK Dons. 7. Apparently the boys were doing THREE double sessions a day here. Might explain why we faded in the final 30 minute slot (game was 3 x 30mins). 8. The team apparently were very appreciative of our support (banner, flags, shirts and the odd song!). Players signed autographs for my sons and were very friendly, particularly Finley Welch. 9. The supporters club (mate and me) are keen to sponsor one of the under 18’s for the coming season. Used to be able to do this years ago - is it still a thing? I’ve emailed the club asking but thought I’d put it out there if anyone knows. 10. Ref was defo a homer! Never a penalty for their goal and we were denied a stonewall one. 11. We used to send teams over to NI for the Milk Cup youth tournaments but no longer do it. Apparently we want to focus on development rather than competitions. Fair enough, I think. 12. I’ve tried to attach a pic or two but as a technophobe I have probably ballsed it up! OTBC
  18. Dr Dublin. Think he got banned unfortunately as I made great use of that here in NI.
  19. Northern Ireland chant towards the Italy players tonight: “you’re just a sh1t San Marino…” Tongue in cheek obviously, but Italy were poor. Northern Ireland had the 3 best chances of the game!
  20. Agree, although he’s infinitely more tolerable than the other bloke whose ego is the size of the moon and does some seriously ar$e-licking when he’s got ex-players in the room. Absolute cringe. Each to their own though.
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