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  1. Couple of slighy stutters in second half but nothing kodi like. As most have mentioned the audio was out but it wasnt too bad. 300mb virgin fibre
  2. Brilliant thanks ! Was getting very confused where to go. Ill look at match centre, is the program 2pm or just 3pm ?
  3. Anyone ? I have logged into rhe ifollow tab on canaries website, it says you already have access to thia match. Will something.pop up.just at 2 ?
  4. So Ive purchased the match, where do you actually go to view it on Saturday ? Will it just become available on the Canaries website on the ifollow tab or do i have to watch it through the app ?
  5. Food wasnt bad tbh, and theres two bars ! £75 is cheap, they used to be £125 and that was a while ago
  6. Used to get these through work. Three course meal and a program, and coffee at half time. All with absolutley no atmosphere
  7. And now comes the superstar ! Canos will change the game.
  8. [quote user="FenwayFrank"]Hasn''t been that bad, almost scores as I''m typing[/quote] Weve got a few too many almosts and not enough haves
  9. Where the small minded indiviuals tonight ? Its funny when you make a comment these ultra macho fuckwits are all around , but very rarely to say sorry mate you were right. Fucking idiots !
  10. [quote user="Jools"]Is Neil up to it?If importing & exporting Scottish players is the deal...YES![:|] [/quote] Its No really, im just awaiting apologies q
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