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  1. Try www.justpark.co.uk i use it to rent my space out.
  2. Everything yes ! Everyone saying he is good for the Champs - Is there any chance of any improvment - No Which means we will have a very medicore player if we were to get promoted - Get someone else in now that maybe could improve while playing in the Champ and ditch all those who couldnt play in the Prem. This goes for all of our midfield from last season
  3. ****ing marvelous, Late signings, embarassed in the premier league, at what point is someone actually put their hands up here ! They are paid very well according to accounts to climb ****ing mountains Rubbish absolutely rubbish
  4. Seriously , Mclean needs to retire , he plays like a 40 yr old already No, simply no, im watching , and no
  5. We have been out thought, from a bottom.of.league last time. One thing we know, we are far worse than burnley, the bookies have it very wrong.
  6. After last season a complete rebuild.of the midfield was obvious to all, just McLean,Lungi,Rashica and Sargeant to ofload now.
  7. Is it really dark for everyone else ? Jesus i want my fiver back
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