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  1. Wibble

    Chelsea - Top of the Terrace tickets

    Food wasnt bad tbh, and theres two bars ! £75 is cheap, they used to be £125 and that was a while ago
  2. Wibble

    Chelsea - Top of the Terrace tickets

    Used to get these through work. Three course meal and a program, and coffee at half time. All with absolutley no atmosphere
  3. Wibble


    And now comes the superstar ! Canos will change the game.
  4. Wibble


    [quote user="FenwayFrank"]Hasn''t been that bad, almost scores as I''m typing[/quote]

    Weve got a few too many almosts and not enough haves
  5. Wibble

    Maddison time again

    Does look a bit cockey tho?
  6. Wibble

    Maddison time again

    What a goal, what a goal
  7. Wibble


    Wobble averted
  8. Wibble

    Is Alex up to it ?

    Where the small minded indiviuals tonight ?

    Its funny when you make a comment these ultra macho fuckwits are all around , but very rarely to say sorry mate you were right.

    Fucking idiots !
  9. Wibble

    Is Alex up to it ?

    [quote user="Jools"]Is Neil up to it?If importing & exporting Scottish players is the deal...YES![:|]


    Its No really, im just awaiting apologies q
  10. Wibble


    Brady isnt very good left back, maybe better now transfers , but i doubt it.

    We needed , lb,cb,fc in my opinion, well get a crappy loan now.

    Where the hell has this money gone, did they sign naismith on such ridiculous wages ? Did the boatd say either get rod or no one else ?

    Clubs a joke. Not even sarcastic.

  11. Wibble

    Something has got to change

    [quote user="The young canary"]Delia has narcissistic tendencies she is more interested in the social standing of owning the club rather than doing the best for the club

    She won''t recognise that she has screwed up and we will be forced to deal with her stupidity for years to come[/quote]

    But Tom might like unicorns ?
  12. Wibble

    Something has got to change

    Booked i will only do it in a unicorn outfit though, dream big
  13. Wibble

    Something has got to change

    Wtf is going on , if Delia wants out so bad SELL UP, you may a loss most football clubs do , espicially when you dont invest ! Dont let the fans take the brunt of your greed.