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  1. Playing with everyone behind the ball in our own box for 70 mins isn't viable. We still need to pose a threat so they can't commit everyone forward
  2. If we are on a budget I'd prioritise resigning Sorenson. He provides cover for multiple positions
  3. Happy with the win today. I'm a bit worried about our defending still. Hopefully the playing midfielders at centreback experiment will come to an end as we will have more defenders healthy soon.
  4. the reason the league is popular though is that its relatively competitive (compared to the spanish league for example)
  5. Just read an article saying Lees- Melou might be in the France team.
  6. We supposedly have the 4th highest wage bill in the division
  7. Probably because Wagner seems very cautious about introducing new players. Took ages for sainz to get a game for example.
  8. If tax payers pay for it, all concert revenue and other sporting events revenue should go back to the national treasury. (any naming rights too)
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