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  1. That just results in a crap game with 3 people hanging around the goal and the teams just kicking long balls all game
  2. Im a big fan of making only the feet count for Offside purposes, could put a chip in the boot too and have it accurately done. If we insist on using technology then we need to adapt the game to use it well rather than trying to make it do a job it can never do. The other thing we can do is look at what a clear and obvious error is, if in doubt go with what the linesman ruled.
  3. That Overlap with Max and Emi is where we could have some joy.
  4. Out of interest what religion would have a problem with the vaccine ?
  5. In the case that we should be up by 2 goals thought I'd try to rest some people and get some other players gametime.
  6. Theres a blockchain backed vaccine passport coming. It wont be a piece of cardboard.
  7. What's the deal with the lack of match balls around the pitch too? It's wasting so much time
  8. Its the whole idea of it I dont like, the statement it makes having a royal family that some people are born better than other people.
  9. If anyone's looking through sports on now TV and can't find it it's in its own section under bonus streams
  10. Do you have a laptop or something you could watch it on? Or games console
  11. IF the VPN breaks down its a 20 second job to connect to another one
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