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  1. Yeah, noone can convince me that last seasons team, playing 4231 would have been worse than what we saw today
  2. Good management means not having these problems over and over with different players
  3. Cantwell is in the social media pictures of training this week
  4. Yeah, learning things is rubbish eh, it'd be much better if people couldn't read and write
  5. I've cancelled my sky subscription, I don't want any of my money going to the Premier league.
  6. What are the odds on how long Newcastle have a women's team
  7. Watched a couple of highlight clips and listened to the radio....... This has to be a joke
  8. It's just being right footed playing left back, he has to stop and come back on his other foot. It's the same problem Sorenson had there last year
  9. Swap Williams out for giannoulis, plm out for Dowell and gilmour out for anyone
  10. Krul Aaron's, Gibson, Hanley, giannoulis Skipp, Mclean Buendia, Dowell, Cantwell Pukki For me, I can't see how we are better than this this year.... I don't believe we'd have 0 points with the team above. So in terms of going to war with a gun, I think we have a worse team than last year tbh
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