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  1. Perhaps. I personally do think the stupid errors will stop pretty soon.
  2. A point would have been a fair result and we could easily have snatched it.
  3. Hanley, Klose, Krull and Tettey have been the main source of errors, hardly the cheap signings and not all Webber''s. Personally not keen on Marshall playing at fullback and obviously we''re lucky that Lewis is back now.With Hernandez we''re not missing Murphy and it seems Rhodes will score goals. Bosman Pukki seems like a player too.
  4. League starts ust be getting close for Passlack, Godfrey, Thompson and Buendia
  5. get my sky sports through now tv so i think i miss out on this mid week alternate game stuff. thankfully i do have a season ticket so i won''t miss this one.
  6. I followed it on Exeter''s twitter account. Good stuff.
  7. Possibly a narrow 4231/433McGovernPasslack / Godfrey / Zimmermann / AaronsTrybull / ThompsonCantwell / Leitner / SteipermanSrbeny
  8. Lewis would have been first choice for the first game of the season had he not been injured in pre season, because he was better than Husband in pre season. Not sure why Franke the central defender has anythign to do with why a left back plays or not. Gunn and Maddison were also thrown straight in despite being inexperienced at this level (or any pro level in Gunn''s case).Safe to say that if a young player is good enough they will play under Farke. Looking forward to seeing Godfrey, Buendia, Passlack, Thompaon, Lewis and Cantwell over the coming season. Hopefully Idah too but I suppose a loan away from the club either soon or next season is more likely.
  9. Can only assume Farke rates Aston more. No point keeping a 4th choice keeper if a club is willing to pay money for him. Wish him well, obviously.
  10. He played a good 60-70 games for doncaster and went out on loan to Fulham because he wasn''t playing at Boro.
  11. Local lad from what I''ve heard. Not great at football, falls over a lot.
  12. Considering our options at left back I think it would have to be a massive offer.
  13. pretty sure i saw bowen and hoolahan on the pitch too.
  14. To be fair to him that season he was playing in the worst team in the division. Based on what I saw last season (4 or 5 games probably) I think Nolan will be a good signing for them, An actual footballer in their midfield.
  15. He was improving game on game before his injury last season, put in some decent enough performances around September/October time. Suppose we''ve got to have a boo boy though, now that Martin''s off for good
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