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  1. And it went something like this. ‪Ipswich fans:- “Waghorn will be sold for more than Maddison”‬ Then ‪“Waghorn will go for £10-12m”‬ Then ‪“I’d take £8m for Waggy” Then ‪“Anything over £5m and we can reinvest wisely”. ‪“£5m is a good price”
  2. I forecast a heavy covering for that Mexican weather girl.
  3. I saw she''s with Johnathan Douglas of all people now! Can''t believe someone as ugly as him gets a go on those.
  4. Anyone watching deadline day for one thing? Or should I say two things? Swear every time I put the TV on they''ve grown.
  5. You can''t blame him. Just goes to show what a sh1t, tinpot club they really are!
  6. Does anybody know if you can get a refund on next years season ticket? Asking for a friend.
  7. [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="Samwam27"]Love it how people so quickly dismiss any name in the frame for no viable reason, and with no alternatives. We''ve played cr*p all season and our defense has been an utter joke. How can anyone say he doesn''t play the norwich style. Exactly what is that. He''d get us promoted for sure! Would prefer that before anything else[/quote]His style is more defensive than Hughton''s, he''s a 1-0 merchant who learnt his trade from Mourinho but doesn''t have a fraction of the resources to mix that grit with technical excellence and a bit of flair. I''d rather take a punt on a manager with a reputation for playing excellent football with the ball on the deck. That second season under Hughton was utterly painful - it was easier to tolerate being utter sh*t under Roeder, Grant and Hamilton, because we had a sh*t squad and we all knew it. Compared to the days of Fotheringham, Whaley, Derveld et al, we''ve got an outstanding squad of players, and I don''t want to pay north of £500 a year to watch us try to grind out 1-0 wins, whatever division we may be in.[/quote] Yeah, like who? I want a manager who has a record of 100% win ratio, his teams play like Barcelona and we win 10-0 every week but without people suggesting names, it is pointless.
  8. [quote user="canarywales"]Warburton was previously rejected when AN was employed, Rowett was only going to one club once the job was free, likely that was because they thought we may grab him so sacked Mclaren and grabbed him fast, and being he has history there..... Also neither have a record as good as AN has anyway, Rowett is more inexperienced abd Warburton has hardly set the Scottish prem alight, would say that what AN achieved there was far better. Also they will want the new system in place before employing someone, not much use getting someone in and then them refusing to work within whatever is planned.[/quote] Incorrect. Rowett has managed a year longer and worked wonders at a dreadful Birmingham, keeping them in and around the play offs.
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