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  1. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Top team from the last 10 years

    What - no Tetley TJ ???
  2. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Top team from the last 10 years

    Naughton is a good shout, I had forgotten about him, also forgot about Brady but still think I would prefer Olsson at LB.
  3. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Top team from the last 10 years

    Just a bit of fun, having been to CR today to watch the legends play got me thinking about what our best team from the last 10 years might look like, this is what I came up with - anyone think of a better line up?


    Martin Hanley Klose Olsson


    Snodgrass Howson Johnson



    Subs - Gunn (not Bryan), Whittaker, Bassong, Maddison, Hooper, Redmond, Jerome

  4. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    What team changes could be made?

    Get Tetley, Naismith & Wilschut back in quickly
  5. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Football quiz



  6. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    WOW now this would make our summer !!!!!

    He will be an important player fro us this season - if not THE most important
  7. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    The ex-Leeds contingent

    Interesting - so far it''s Snoddy in front on 7, BJ a close second on 6, only 1 for Howson which is surprising and 1 tongue in cheek for Becchio.

    This includes those that couldn''t make their mond up.

    I agree, they were all good signings and I think even Becchio could have been had he had a chance.
  8. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Kevin Keelan The Living Legend.

  9. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    The ex-Leeds contingent

    Thought I might be in the minority with Snoddy but obviously not!
  10. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    The ex-Leeds contingent

    So, Jonny Howson has gone to Boro - that''s the last of our recent ex Leeds signings gone then.

    Out of the four that we signed - Howson, Johnson, Snodgrass and Becchio, who do you think was the most of a success from our point of view?

    For me I would say Robert Snodgrass, partly because his spell was entirely Premier League and also because I think out of the four, he was the game changer - free kicks, dead ball situations and goals.

    I was tempted to go for Becchio but thought better of it!
  11. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Predictions for Brentford

    2-2 and he will hang around for another week or two just in time to blow the January budget
  12. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Old English teacher and staunch supporter

    Maybe you''re right LDC, I will see if I can find out as he also taught me at TGS.
  13. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Old English teacher and staunch supporter

    He is the uncle of Ed Balls and as far as I''m aware he hasn''t passed away?
  14. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Alex, Kenny, or Roy

    A bit left field this one - but how about Keith Curle from Carlisle???
  15. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Who would you build a team around?

    Everyone raving about Thompson, in reality we have only really seen him in one game - a bit early to judge me thinks.
  16. It was obvious when Bruce was out of work that he would be ideal for us but our Board, as usual, do nothing but dither and persevere with a Manager that''s taking us nowhere - except maybe back to League 1
  17. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    4-4-2 anyone?

    When Pinto is fit again, I would like to see us try a 3 at the back with 2 wing backs (Pinto & Olssen or Brady)
  18. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Leeds v Newcastle

    Not Klose, Brady and Naismith then?
  19. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Leeds v Newcastle

    That should be clear out - not claret, and no I haven''t been on the claret!
  20. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Leeds v Newcastle

    Morty - what would you consider was the claret we should have had - name names
  21. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Leeds v Newcastle

    I think we can already forget about catching Newcastle this season, looks like they will run away with it.

    Is there still a chance that if we sort ourselves out we could get the second auto promotion place?

    Newcastle away two seasons on the spin looks like it may define our immediate future.
  22. Jimmy Bone - Superstar

    Leeds v Newcastle

    This match is now under way and I think what ever the outcome, it won''t be good for us:

    A Leeds win or draw and they will go above us and knock us out of the top 6, a Newcastle win and they will sail off into the distance a clear 13 points ahead of us.

    Don''t know what to hope for.
  23. Jimmy Bone - Superstar


    I actually don''t think that Naismith has been given enough opportunity and I think at the moment he could do a job for us.
  24. Jimmy Bone - Superstar


    Canos seems to be even more of an enigma than Pritchard.

    Wonder what the issue is with him and why he doesn''t feature.

    We didn''t half waste our transfer budget didn''t we and are paying for it now.
  25. Jimmy Bone - Superstar


    Agree JF, doesn''t make sense does it especially when you look at the gaping gaps in the squad.

    I bet he wishes he was at Brighton now though and to be fair, they probably needed him more