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  1. WOAH MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS FIRST..... Is the Head for 90 minutes?? And Is it a proper slobbery one??
  2. I promise I asked for an announcement as a "trigger warning" before your penalty Todd.
  3. This is my address Todd and I've put the green and yellow balloons on the door so just walk on in.
  4. Where is the infamous Tangible Fixed Assets when needed??
  5. Poor Pukki, if have atrocious body language if made to eat strommon EVER!!!
  6. Look what Lambert did with us, then look at what he did with Ipswich!!!!
  7. I'm just hoping and praying that we can start creating more chances and that even just ONE of the South American players will settle and start banging goals in left right and centre. Please please can we just have a bit of good fortune
  8. To be forced to endure night of classical music while we're paying Germany n the world Cup Final
  9. " A younger Ronaldo" we were told when he signed, would love to see him have 1 season in the Championship
  10. Please be a full buy out PLEASE, change and a bit of "hambishun" well over due
  11. Let's not forget the good Brazilian lad that was mentioned in the pinkun about a month ago.
  12. The man is utterly DELUDED!!!! He's got to go. " I'M AUTHENTIC" wow yes you are Stuart...... IN A BAD WAY.
  13. I think it's good that Brentford have stayed up, it would be very dispiriting if all 3 promoted teams all go down in my opinion
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