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  1. Really surprised to see people saying Howson… arguably the best central midfielder we’ve had this century. Some weird replies to this thread in general, lots of people saying names that have never been rated by fans, let alone overrated!
  2. Agreed, looked better than Giannoulis did, and I say that as a big fan of Dimi. Can see a run of games being good for him as well, should gel nicely with Rashica/Hernandez on that left side.
  3. F*** Liz Truss and f*** the Tories. Scum the lot of them. End of thread.
  4. Not quite sure what you mean by this? What if club wide, positive changes occur over the summer? I suspect Delia and co will be more inclined to make changes if a crowd of sub 15k turns up for the last game of the season than she would if we got a full house.
  5. That’s fair enough, I wouldn’t expect anyone with a relative who has travelled from abroad to not go! Likewise, if you go with kids who enjoy the experience, it’s not fair on them to deny them the day out. It’s more a suggestion to those who attend by themselves/with mates.
  6. If we really want to hammer home how disgruntled, upset, and angry we are at the state of the club, we all need to boycott the last home game of the season. Dean Smith said a few weeks back that he can’t see any apathy in the stands. We need to ensure that he, along with Mr Webber and Delia/MWJ, are under no illusions that apathy is rife and we’re done with the embarrassment. Besides, who on earth wants to spend a nice, late Spring Sunday afternoon watching our pathetic excuse of a football team get demolished by Spurs? I can’t think of a more joyless experience. If you need a dose of football that weekend, go find a local Sunday league game to watch, it will be infinitely more rewarding. A former manager of ours during the wilderness years of the mid to late 00s once said that the biggest problem with this football club is that no matter how bad it gets, there’s still 25k+ fans in the ground week in, week out. Let’s change that for Spurs.
  7. Unfortunately not but happy to hear it!
  8. And yet we’ve still lost 2 must win games against teams of equal ability who are on terrible runs of form, and both times our performance has been absolutely shocking. Simply isn’t good enough.
  9. What’s the point, there’s too many OAPs/happy-clappers/meek half arsed supporters at the Carra. Our support has long been embarrassing and the chances of getting them to protest against the current state of affairs are slim to none. They’re all perfectly happy to pay the increased ST prices, turn up every other Saturday and sit there quietly regardless of the result. Anyone who does have the balls to do the right thing and protest against this sh1t-show of a football club will only be told “what’s the matter, aren’t you happy we’re a top 26 club?”
  10. Apologies I didn’t scroll endlessly through the forum to check if there were any similar threads before posting.
  11. I hope we part ways with Smith and Shakespeare at the end of the season. I haven’t seen anything to suggest that we have a good manager at the helm, let alone one able to get us back up next season. Strange starting XIs, poor substitutions, hasn’t been able to inspire any confidence or belief in the squad, and an unidentifiable/non-existent set of tactics and style of play… We need a complete overhaul at the end of the season, and I truly believe we need to say goodbye to Smith, the coaching staff, Stuart Webber, Neil Adams, and a fair few of the playing staff as well. I’d be getting rid of McLean, Rupp, Lees-Melou, Zimmermann, Dowell, Placheta, if not more. All middling, Championship-at-best players without time on their side (with the exception of Dowell and Placheta who are just nowhere near good enough).
  12. He would never in a million years come to us, not that I think we would even go for him, but I would have no reservations at all about signing him. He’s been declared fit to play and has hopes of participating in the World Cup with Denmark. As someone else also pointed out, Daley Blind has been playing regular Eredivise and international football for over 2 years with the same device fitted. I would have no issue at all with us signing him, particularly as he could be exactly what we need!
  13. Have to say I completely agree. Have wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt for so long, but it's getting to the point now where I don't actually think he's any good at all. What is he meant to do? He's not quick, doesn't appear particularly skilful, can't cross, doesn't really seem positive when he gets the ball... seems to be another Webber dud I'm afraid.
  14. Longer this carries on the more hopeful I am we might pinch a point here. It’s the hope that gets you isn’t it..
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