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  1. I wouldn't read the Daily Mail if I was paid to do so, I'll pass
  2. Krul Aarons Hanley Godfrey Lewis Trybull. McClean. Buendia. Steipi. Hernandez Pukki. Harsh on Leitner and Vrancic but I feel McClean has a bit more physicality about him which could be important tomorrow night, hence why he gets my nod. And as much as I think Roberts is the real deal, Hernandez has to start imo
  3. I'm also very much of the opinion that we've set aside 10-15 million for the January window in case it all goes pear shaped. Was regularly being floated around before pre-season that we had 20 million to shell out, and we've spent just over 5% of that so far. If this is the case, I think it's a very smart move by SW - give the team that got us here the chance to prove themselves (alongside 1 or 2 much needed recruits), and if come January they haven't made the step up, we can identify the problem areas and spend to replace/strengthen them.
  4. Would be a great signing by all accounts, exactly what we need. Being reported that it's a season long loan with an option to buy for 10 million euro if/when we stay up. Ammmm - aaa - do do do, he will f*****g murder you
  5. I've got very little hope that Morris will actually make it with us, the lad is 23 (nearly 24) and I can count the number of games he's played for us on one hand. Doesn't seem to score many on his loan spells away either. Don't get me wrong though, he must be highly rated for us to keep him on our books and I'm sure the coaching staff know more than me.
  6. I like it. Not the best kit we've ever had granted, but certainly better than the terrible, terrible dross we had from 05/06 until 17/18. Agreed with everyone about the weird collar, not too sure what that's all about, but I'm a big fan of the darker green and the fade effect thing they've got going on. Really hoping our away kit is the same but white with that dark green fade.
  7. Spot on. Giving McGovern a new contract and sending Aston out on loan makes perfect sense and that's it. Nothing further to be said on the matter. Has to be said though, a few people I know have played alongside and against Aston over the past 3/4 years, and he doesn't seem to have the best reputation among them. Most are surprised he's still on our books (although admittedly a lot can change in 3/4 years at that age). Also interesting to note that McCracken was often 1st choice for the U23's. However, for Aston to still be here he must be rated by the coaching team, so I guess we'll see.
  8. If Fahrmann is coming in, anyone who has been watching the Bundesliga over the past 5 years will tell you that's a top top signing. He has consistently been one of the best keepers in that league, which is saying something considering the wealth of goalkeeping talent over there. Will install a new level of confidence in the defence with him behind them. He would have almost certainly been used by the German national side on a few occasions, had they have not had 2 world class keepers in Neuer and Ter Stegen.
  9. Really hope that sleeve pattern is incorporated into the kit
  10. Great news, I'm a big fan of his and really hope he has a long career with us. Wouldn't be surprised to see him in and around the squad for the first half of the season, and possibly sent out on loan to a championship side in January (providing he hasn't forced his way into the side by then).
  11. It's a great watch, but my word has football come on leaps and bounds in terms of quality...
  12. Would be surprised myself, but it would arguably be his last shot at the Prem, and it would only take an injury for him to be considered.
  13. Great signing on a free, was once one of Europe's top young prospects. Always good to have World Cup and Champions League experience in the squad, and it makes sense considering the German majority in the club will know him from his time in the Bundesliga, and Timm is familiar with the bloke from international duty. Unlikely to unsettle the squad balance and morale. If we're not re-signing Rhodes as 3rd choice striker (which is all he can be in the Prem in my opinion), I would potentially like to see another cheap striker come in for the season, perhaps an experienced head on a 1 year deal. As much as I wish he was, Srbeny isn't a Prem player, and it's unlikely we'll throw Adam Idah in to the mix without any first team experience.
  14. Carrow Road could quite easily be expanded to reach 35k capacity, and potentially even 40k if we were to get rid of that awful hotel. There's already been plans drafted up for second tier on the City Stand (which we all know about), and there's also plans for a second tier on the Jarrold I believe (however unless we were a solid top half Prem side with multi-millionaire owners, I can't ever see us adding another tier to the Jarrold). Personally, I don't think we need to expand the ground any time soon, especially considering the cost to the club and the obvious savings that would need to be made elsewhere. And I know we almost sell out every game, but something tells me we'd struggle to fill an extra 5k+ seats.
  15. [quote user="Hoolahoop14"]You''re joking right?[/quote] This was in reply to the post saying Dwight Gayle isn''t even close to Hooper''s class..... lol
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