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  1. At least Jerome was a strong bloke, and you’d have a fair amount of faith that he’d score when given an opportunity. Sargent hasn’t won any duels that I’ve seen, and I honestly don’t think he’ll score this season. I said this in another thread but I don’t think Sargent is Championship level yet in all honesty. Yes he’s young and we can only hope he’ll learn the English game and get himself up to speed, but I’d be amazed if he comes good for us. Can’t see anything but a massive loss being made on him.
  2. The new Ricky Van Wolfswinkel? Big money signing, works hard, comes across as a likeable chap, but absolutely bloódy useless at football. He has the worst first touch of anyone I can remember seeing in a Norwich shirt. He can’t score, he’s not agile, he’s not quick, he has no aerial presence. What on earth was Webber thinking with this one? 10 million quid....
  3. Maybe in 5/10 years but if we get him in now I’d be so disappointed. Nowhere near experienced enough, and not convinced he’s actually a good manager either.
  4. Absolutely no idea why he would leave his Coventry job where he’s regarded as the messiah to join our currently pitiful excuse of a football club, but he would 100% be my choice for manager when Farke goes. Properly forward thinking, and with a nice NCFC connection to boot.
  5. Feels like the end of an era. Let’s face it, if we go down Farke is off. Under Farke, we’re not staying up. What’s the point in keeping him in any longer? Wouldn’t necessarily be against Webber leaving now as well, as it has always felt like him and Farke go hand in hand, and after the recruitment shambles that we’ve witnessed this season, do we even want Webber having a say in our transfers going forwards?
  6. Another week of avoiding all Norwich related social media content and taking endless shït from friends and colleagues. Love it.
  7. Vanarama National League the season after the season after the season after next? I’m not joking...
  8. Hahahahahaha what on earth is this. I’ve gone from “It’s ok, we weren’t expected to get anything from this” to “This is genuinely the single worst Norwich performance I’ve ever seen”.
  9. Might be looking at a ticket refund today if you’re one of the unlucky ones that made the trip down...
  10. Hahaha give it a rest mate. I agree with a lot of what you post but christ alive, what makes you think we’re going down to League 1 in over a year’s time?
  11. A few weeks back I got Norwich to score less than 20 goals all season at 200/1. Only put a fiver on it as I genuinely thought “less than 20 goals? that would be ridiculous wouldn’t it”. Now I’m already planning what to spend my grand on in May.
  12. Have to say that with every game that goes by, our summer recruitment looks worse and worse. Not convinced Sargent is Championship level, let alone PL level. Lees-Melou nowhere near the level we need in CM. Kabak is just a Turkish Hanley who can run fast. Normann the only one who I can safely say is better than what we had.
  13. Not sure why you’re on about there. Not everyone expected us to lose to Watford/Brighton/Burnley did they. Look, I’m becoming as sceptical as everyone on this forum about the coaching staff/Webber/Farke and whether or not the players are good enough for this level. All I’m saying is even if we were playing well, and there were no questions being asked of the club, we would still be expected to lose to Chelsea. I would argue there’s only 3 teams in the league that would actually expect to come away with a point or more at Stamford Bridge this season. Therefore I don’t believe we should be making big, reactionary statements after losing a game like this.
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