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  1. To me, giving the ball away cheaply has been our biggest problem all season. Our game is built on possession and we're not getting any. Doesn't matter what formation we play if we keep giving the ball to the opposition.
  2. And keeping the ball when they have it, not giving it straight back to the opposition
  3. Most people, after the previous 2 results, were praising the 3 at the back system and how it had made us more solid. Today happens and we should bin it and go back to the old system. Don't think it's quite as simple as the formation we play.
  4. Just to rub salt into the wounds, other results not gone well for us. Watford thrash Everton away, Newcastle grab a point at Palace, Saints and Burnley a point each and Leeds equalise right at the death. Roll on next week and let's try to start doing something positive!
  5. He would be my choice too, but keep us in the Prem - not sure about that
  6. Where have we heard that before, Chris Hughton wasn't it?
  7. Don't know if you're serious about Big Sam but he's probably the best chance that we could have of staying up. Do we want to 'sell our souls' in footballing terms though. Would we want to stay up at any cost or is the way we go about it more important?
  8. You would like to think that if Webber is as good and meticulous as he's supposed to be that he would have already identified the next manager and possibly even have him lined up. Haven't got a clue who that would be, but if he hasn't done this then maybe he's not all that he's cracked up to be.
  9. Hypothetically, if we draw our next two games against Burnley and Brighton, is that a sign that a corner has been turned and that Farke should be given more time or is it just prolonging the decision? What do we need out of these next two games to make it viable to give him more time?
  10. There won't be another Tetts in terms of character - I meant in footballing terms
  11. Farke seems to be turning into Chris Hughton with the way is talking at the moment. Yes, it was always going to be difficult to stay up this season BUT why now start bleating on about being underdogs in every single game and 5% chance of staying up at the start of the season. This is how Hughton used to speak when he was here - always talking up the opposition. Durham & Gough picked up on this on Talk Sport today. It's getting embarrassing and can't be doing anything for the confidence in the camp. Hope Farke changes his tune next season - if he's still here.
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