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  1. Somewhat odd that the two promoted sides only managed 3 players between them.
  2. The level of ‘meh’ness in some is quite bizarre - if things really are as iffy as people are making out, I don’t know why they are bothering.
  3. Only in that mythical era that never existed.
  4. I imagine when you consider secondary sales and all the other extras, the whole thing will approach £1m. It is 50% of all 4 matches that is split between clubs, Leeds are charging more and have the biggest ground, so it’ll probably work out at a pretty penny whatever and it is in addition to what the club wound otherwise have, with limited outgoings.
  5. Indeed - I had looked into driving most of the way and getting a train from Warwick Parkway or similar (decent car parking at stations, with security cameras), but decided to train all the way. I never fancy trying to find parking around an away ground - chances are that places where there’s spaces are dodgy!
  6. I imagine gate receipts for a an “unexpected” game (or three) will be helpful for the coffers.
  7. We were on the train - sat opposite a couple of Brum fans on the way up, seemed decent guys. On the way back (1515 train) it was fine -seemed most footy fans on it were WBA with a smattering of ours. It guess Brum fans were drowning their surrows post-match.
  8. It does seem to be a ‘thing’ in some areas - the bits around the ground are a bit ‘old industrial’ and probably v quiet during the game…presumably ideal for such an operation.
  9. It’s not the best or worst system - a bit clunky but they all have their foybles. Adding customer numbers is pretty easy - in My Account t you just go to ‘Friends and Family’ and can add them in (you need name, number and postcode). I didn’t need any link - just entered the site and went to ‘Tickets’ and clicked ‘add your s-t here’, logged in and it was all pretty straightforward. Yes it had other s-t’s I’m linked to, but dead easy to remove those from the basket (and I imagine some quite liked that feature if buying multiples). There’s plenty of time if any problems, so no need to be too worried - s-t have until Wednesday 9am to book tickets and can do by phone from tomorrow (I think it said).
  10. This very same thread was started by someone when Leeds actually played Blackburn a few weeks back, and won 1-0.
  11. Actually, referring to your previous comment that it was “planned long before KO”, the answer would have to be ‘no’.
  12. It was definitely still showing as the later time when I looked this afternoon. As ever, supporters are an an afterthought at best - Leeds fans(and our long distance supporters) have to get to our place for a Sunday Noon kick off. Great.
  13. Don’t see why - I was always far happier when they lost 🙃
  14. I don’t disagree, but did spend a couple of years as a teenager with a s/t for us but also going to see them quite a lot with Ippo supporting friends/family…I’d not class myself as a fan though!
  15. I was indeed there - atmosphere was mostly very good, I actually think it a bit of a shame they went as they are a well supported club and did their bit, but nothing went their way (though could have been a rival next season if we stay down…). We couldn’t get phones to update during the game - we couldn’t work out afterwards what it was they thought had gone ‘their’ way, but I think on the “live table” they never moved out of the bottom 3 all day?
  16. Reading the programme, they do seem to have decent plans (Ruddy is a fan) and openly admit they got the timing of the sacking wrong (no kidding!). It’ll be interesting to see how they go, my guess is they’ll bounce back pretty strongly.
  17. You are of course correct. Anyone who doesn’t want to go, it’s your choice..but get ready for the Final prices! The game is on Sky, which many seem to completely forget they pay a pretty penny for. For those moaning, I just looked on Leeds site - it’s a Cat A game and most tickets are >£40, away fans £47…tho pretty sure they’ve said they are £36: presume we agreed the prices with them.
  18. Details now up - someone needs to tell Connor to proof-read/check his copy before posting as he’s got it wrong. S/T holders seem to have until 9am Weds, then it opens for the next group at 9:30 and then the next at 2pm…should be plenty of time for people to get sorted. For some reason the link won’t paste… Edit - I can now see a thread below - was a lot further than I’d looked!!’
  19. …and the two matches before that? We’ve stuttered into the playoff, and should probably be grateful we play Leeds as they are on worse form. But we’re there, and that’s the main thing - you have to be in it to win it!
  20. We need a huge upturn in performance levels from the less than average fare we served up today - not great to go into the play-offs on the back of a defeat to a relegated side + two poor home draws….
  21. To be fair, it is an odd situation - technically it is a ‘big’ game, but it’s 99.9% likely that it isn’t crucial for us…there is that 0.1% chance though…
  22. Maybe there’s some sort of licensing restriction that means they can’t do it for some reason - it isn’t like the club to miss out on an opportunity if there is one.
  23. Maybe not, but I imagine someone will do if only to prove/disprove it. Of course, the vast majority of us couldn’t give a toss.
  24. It will - sort of - I imagine s/t seats will be reserved up to a point, but you’ll have to let them know you want it (and more importantly you will need to pay for it!)
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