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  1. Same question for me…. Plumped for Oxford - a new ground and I’ve seen enough of Kenilworth Road - once was enough 😂
  2. Looking forward to seeing a lot of him in the first team next season skills 😎
  3. Back to the topic….. My view is that Liverpool can set whatever criteria they want when signing players (after all I’m sure that’s what they did before Covid). However, I think that the words attributed to Klopp are unnecessary and over the top, but he’s entitled to his opinion, just like the rest of us.
  4. Based on titles and promotions and premier league performance, has to be: 1. Lambert 2. Farke 3. Worthy For brand of football: 1. Farke 2. Lambert 3. Worthy As human beings: 1. Farke 2. Hughton Last. Lambert
  5. I don’t remember that happening at that game….. but I was only 8 😂😂
  6. What a season! The opening 3-1 against Portsmouth was my first trip to Carrow Road 🎉
  7. Good to see spectators at the cricket in India, a sign the world is opening up. Our time will come.
  8. Kevin Keelan Still remember seeing him out in a white suit at Scamps 🕺
  9. A joy to be there In the stadium 💚💛 Yellows
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