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  1. Good to see spectators at the cricket in India, a sign the world is opening up. Our time will come.
  2. Kevin Keelan Still remember seeing him out in a white suit at Scamps
  3. A joy to be there In the stadium Yellows
  4. Keep the faith Whatever happens, our club is in safe hands
  5. Even better.... I could have him drive me to the game and then collect me. That way he gets the personalised match report immediately after the game and I get to enjoy a few beers win win
  6. A long shot. My son has got the evening off work, my wife says that if I loved him enough I’d give him my ticket If anyone knows where we can get a ticket we’d be grateful
  7. Johan Cruyff. UEFA Cup, Spurs vs Feynnord at White Hart Lane 1984/5. Such silky smooth skills even at that late stage in his career.
  8. LOL That is not Tudguy, I know who''s car it is cos he plays golf at the same place I do! Nice try............  
  9. Doc was captain, he was fairly quiet.  It was a real team effort, best team effort since beating Ipswich. We need another 10 games like that (or at least 6!)
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