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  1. A joy to be there In the stadium Yellows
  2. Keep the faith Whatever happens, our club is in safe hands
  3. Even better.... I could have him drive me to the game and then collect me. That way he gets the personalised match report immediately after the game and I get to enjoy a few beers win win
  4. A long shot. My son has got the evening off work, my wife says that if I loved him enough I’d give him my ticket If anyone knows where we can get a ticket we’d be grateful
  5. Johan Cruyff. UEFA Cup, Spurs vs Feynnord at White Hart Lane 1984/5. Such silky smooth skills even at that late stage in his career.
  6. LOL That is not Tudguy, I know who''s car it is cos he plays golf at the same place I do! Nice try............  
  7. Doc was captain, he was fairly quiet.  It was a real team effort, best team effort since beating Ipswich. We need another 10 games like that (or at least 6!)
  8. Marshall - 6  didn''t have too many saves to make but almost conceded in the first half through a bad mistake Semmy - 4 defensive liability, relies heavily on Croft, clingan and Russell to cover for him.  Was QPR''s main attacking threat in the first half Grounds - 7  handled Routledge well, we will miss him when he''s gone Doc and Shax - 9 can''t separate them, key to keeping a clean sheet in difficult conditions Croft - 8  covered for Semmy and still got forward, if only the final ball matched the approach play.  Defo fouled for the pen that wasn''t Clingan - 9 calm head and kept us ticking Russell - 8  lots of effort, many god tackles, several missed tackles but a million times better in central midfield than our club captain! Berty - 6  not sure he touched the ball for the first 60 minutes, then did some good work in the last 30.  Looked short of match practice Hoolhoop - 10 MOM  Everything creative came through Wes, he also closed down their defenders and set up the goal and the pen that wasn''t.  Has to stay in the hole Cort - 7  not his best game but the service he received wasn''t fantastic and he''s clearly not 100% fit.  At least he does try to get the ball on the ground and play football with it Fans -10. MOM. Outsung QPR throughout.  It shows what happens when the team look like they care and are prepared to fight, it gives the fans a lift as well...... roll on Blackpool  
  9. Martin Peters Absolute legend, by far the best outfield player to play for Norwich in the past 35 years (I only started going to games in 1971!)
  10. Any signings have to be good..... But I work in Switzerland and can assure everyone that the Swiss league is no better than Championship standard.  FC Thun had a good run in the Champions league due to an alignment of the planets similar to that when norwich finished 3rd, FC Thun are close to the bottom of the Swiss league only two season later!  
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