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  1. Are those stats right though? 2 touches in the opposition half but 3 shots, 2 on target?
  2. He will probably just play the cup games this season. No.. wait...
  3. To be fair, on the PinkUn FB page, I see all the time people suggesting that Norwich have no money because Delia is always taking money out. I think that's probably just one of those things that people who have no idea of football finance think. They see some big outgoing sales, see that the incoming players are a lower value and think that the difference is being pocketed by the owners.
  4. Badly worded perhaps but I was referring more to the clubs catchment areas.
  5. There was a time when you could consider the “size” of a club based on its past and current successes. Those days are long gone though. The Premier League killed them. These days, the size of a club is all about its spending power. Leicester and Norwich are similar in terms of size of city and catchment area and their pasts (if you ignore the last few years) aren’t a lot different. Leicester now have massive spending power though that can see them competing with the “top six”. We have no chance of that. It’s a different world.
  6. Damnit. My brain though Hughton but my fingers wrote Roeder. Easy mistake to make. Both were equally rubbish teams to watch.
  7. I can’t see it giving much of an atmosphere. I’m sure it’ll be better than an empty stadium for the players and for the tv coverage but in the crowd it’s likely to feel very empty. Take a look at what it will look like... Coronavirus: Entire 2020-21 English football season could be played in reduced capacity stadiums
  8. It’s great to be one of the top teams in the championship. Winning it is the dream! Unfortunately that means being promoted to the Premier League. While it has to be the goal to pitch the team against the best in the world, we will never win anything up there. At the most “successful” we would just “survive” year after year, never really competing at the top but not really risking relegation. Everton is the best example of PL “success”. Is that what you all want? Aspiring to being mediocre? Is that really better than going back down then having another real chance to win the Champs? Which season ending did you enjoy the most? Surviving in the PL under Roeder or winning the Championship under Farke?
  9. I thought what Webber said was fair and he has been misquoted a lot. He said that, he could accept relegation if Norwich got to complete their season and were still relegated. He went on to say that if Norwich did have to complete their season, Leeds would only deserve to be promoted if they also completed their season. So if Norwich didn’t get to complete their season, he wouldn’t be happy to accept relegation and by the same measure, if Leeds also didn’t have to complete their season then he wouldn’t be happy with their promotion.
  10. I think the club would have to think very carefully about expanding the stadium, especially to a size that would be bigger than it's average needs. One of the reasons the club has such high season ticket numbers is because it's hard to get casual tickets. It's very possible that if you raise the capacity too far, season ticket sales would go down.
  11. EADP is also Archant so I'm sure they were well aware of the article...
  12. Have you ever seen a game "behind closed doors"? There are usually a few thousand there anyway!
  13. I can't see Krul going anywhere. Norwich resurrected his career when it had come to a grinding halt (mostly due to a some serious injuries) and he clearly loves it here. He plays with the sort of passion you can only have when you really believe in the team.
  14. The best I've actually watched would have been Ruel Fox. Especially in those European games!
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