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  1. Lazza

    Who to trust- pundits or fans?

    I think it was more the point that the player choice was attack minded, the players were looking to push forward every time we got a sniff of the ball and the way we set up to defend was more about being able to counter attack than to defend a rebound or 2nd ball. There is a lot more to defending than just how many bodies you put behind the ball.
  2. Lazza


    Looking at some of these player ratings you'd think we won the game 4-1!
  3. Lazza

    Who to trust- pundits or fans?

    When I watched the game live I actually thought Carraghers comments were completely valid. Yes he said we were too open at the back - which we were against such a high class opposition. Liverpool took advantage of that openness and took their chances very well. He said that if we played like that in every game then we will concede a lot of goals and will lose a lot of games. That's true and we all know that already. We only did so well last season because we could out-score the opposition. On the other hand, he also said that our attacking play was quite brilliant at times and if we were more clinical we could have had a number of goals. At half time he was saying that Norwich deserved to have at least one goal and when we did score he said that it was fully deserved and that he was happy we got something out of it and the performance really didn't deserve to go home goal-less. He did concede that we were playing against the best team in Europe and that if we attacked like that in every game then we should will a few against most other teams. His reservations that premier league teams will take advantage of defensive naivety and openness is perfectly valid. Personally I really enjoyed watching the game. Yes we were well beaten and in reality, they could have scored more. If we looked like making a come-back I think they would have upped the intensity and finished us off. But we did look good going forward and we were a constant threat, even when they were playing at their best through the 1st 40 minutes. I think we will survive. There will be some disappointments along the way, some heavy losses, and not necessarily against the biggest teams. Some of the mid-table teams will work us out and take advantage of any weaknesses. Equally, I think there will be some big wins along the way and we might just upset a few of the big teams with some shock (to some) results!
  4. Lazza

    Beer anyone?

    There's nothing to say they have to stay after they have downed the pint... They could be gone before the players even start warming up!
  5. Lazza

    Can we get one thing straight please?

    I think it's more likely to be that at the start we put up a good fight and go toe-to-toe with them. Matching them for possession and chances. Their strikers are likely to be more clinical though so the problem will come if they score early, and especially if they get a 2nd in the 1st half. I could see us start to unwind if that happens. If we score first however, then anything is possible!
  6. Can he take a penalty?
  7. Lazza

    3rd kit apparently leaked...

    Home kit home and away. Away kit should only be needed if it clashes with the home teams kit.
  8. My head would be happy with 17th my heart is more optimistic so I'll go for 11th!
  9. Lazza

    Accessing this Forum via the Pink Un Page

    Just press Shift-F5 on the page and it'll resolve itself.
  10. Lazza

    Alan Brazil

    I think Portsmouth and Sunderland (if they fail in the play-offs) might have something to say about that. Even Bolton won the FA Cup 4 times.
  11. Lazza

    Penalties in the Prem

    I'm not so sure VAR will help the smaller teams at all. They have already announced that any player calling for VAR will get booked and it is up to the ref to decide whether to go to VAR or not. What is he more likely to go to VAR for? A possible Norwich penalty at Old Trafford or a possible MU penalty at Carrow Road. It'll be the same bias, just moved to the choice of whether to go to VAR or not rather than whether to give the penalty or not.
  12. Lazza

    Stunning season - at a cost

    How close do you have to live to be classed as home grown? A Scottish/Welsh/NI player? Northern England? East Anglia? Norfolk? Norwich? Carrow Road? None of it really means much, it’s just people who come from different places. Some people from Holland, Belgium, France live close to Norwich than people from Northern or South West England! Seeing the passion of the players playing in the yellow & green means far more than a place of birth.
  13. Lazza

    Ipswich first to L2?

    I did mean L1. L2 will be the following season I forgot about Forest. Still puts them in pretty exclusive company!
  14. I'm not sure and I have looked without finding any other teams in the same position, but... Will Ipswich be the first ever English team to have won in a European trophy who have been relegated to the 3rd tier or English football?
  15. Lazza

    Don't underestimate reading

    Most of the Reading fans I’ve talked to down here (Wokingham) are expecting to get a spanking. None expect a point. They will be happy if they finish it’s only a 2 goal margin. And that was before even admitting that I am a canaries fan.