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  1. I’m surprised to see Lorraine Kelly in the team.
  2. I thought what Webber said was fair and he has been misquoted a lot. He said that, he could accept relegation if Norwich got to complete their season and were still relegated. He went on to say that if Norwich did have to complete their season, Leeds would only deserve to be promoted if they also completed their season. So if Norwich didn’t get to complete their season, he wouldn’t be happy to accept relegation and by the same measure, if Leeds also didn’t have to complete their season then he wouldn’t be happy with their promotion.
  3. I think the club would have to think very carefully about expanding the stadium, especially to a size that would be bigger than it's average needs. One of the reasons the club has such high season ticket numbers is because it's hard to get casual tickets. It's very possible that if you raise the capacity too far, season ticket sales would go down.
  4. EADP is also Archant so I'm sure they were well aware of the article...
  5. Have you ever seen a game "behind closed doors"? There are usually a few thousand there anyway!
  6. I can't see Krul going anywhere. Norwich resurrected his career when it had come to a grinding halt (mostly due to a some serious injuries) and he clearly loves it here. He plays with the sort of passion you can only have when you really believe in the team.
  7. The best I've actually watched would have been Ruel Fox. Especially in those European games!
  8. The rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble.
  9. What is an "Established Premier League Club"? As I see it; Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs & Arsenal are established in that it would take a massive disaster for them to ever be relegated. Then there are Leicester & Everton who might flirt with the top positions and are likely to be safe from relegation. Then there are the rest that are currently in PL. All are at risk of relegation. Maybe not this year but would you put your money on any of them still being in PL in 5 years time? After that, take a look in the championship. There are half a dozen teams down there that are likely to be found either at the top of the Champs or in the lower PL over the next few years, and a dozen more that could get there for a season or 2 given a good season or 2. Only a couple of seasons ago, Stoke looked like they were established in PL. Look where they are now! Even looking down at L1 would anyone be surprised to see the likes of Sunderland or Portsmouth in the PL in 5 years time? Possibly a few others too. So no, I don't see us as ever being an "Established Premier League Team" as I don't think we will ever break into those few top "safe" places. More likely we will continue to go up and down through the years, just like we have for the last 30 years or so.
  10. He's created more chances than any other player in the league. I think he's doing his bit...
  11. Isn't that because his role was always to win the ball back then just give it to the nearest yellow shirt to do something with it. He was never one for the adventurous pass or to run with the ball any further than he had to.
  12. The ball has to be in the quadrant. The quadrant is defined by the outside edge of the painted line. The ball is defined by any part of the ball. So if any part of the ball is overhanging any part of the quadrant line then it's fine. From what I can see in the videos I've seen, it looks either ok or very marginal.
  13. I watched the Brighton/Norwich match on a stream. The "tackle" where Aarons was wiped out was checked by VAR for a serious foul. VAR watched the video from one inconclusive angle over and over again before deciding that it was inconclusive and that no red card was due. Meanwhile on TV they showed a few other angles that showed that he was wiped out with a sliding tackle with no intention to win the ball and it should have been a straight red. Against Man U the penalty given against Cantwell for handball was again given by VAR after reviewing the same one angle over and over which did make it appear to be hand-ball. Again, on TV they showed other angles that clearly showed that it hit the back of his head - you could even see his hair being knocked by the ball. I thought the whole idea of VAR was that, these days with multiple camera angles, a video referee was able to see all of these views to make a more informed decision that the on-field referee who only sees his own angle. What's the point of it if they only look at the same angle over and over again? I'm all for VAR but only if it's used intelligently and fairly.
  14. Bottom of the league with no saleable players left and a 15 point deduction more like.
  15. I haven't seen it but on the live radio commentary I was listening to, they said there was a camera angle that clearly showed that the 2nd penalty decision clearly came off the back of Cantwells head, but that VAR was only using the camera angle that made it look like it came off his arm. Is that incompetence? And if so, is it accidental or willful incompetence?
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