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  1. Did he not con the ref by claiming it was an accident?
  2. Lazza

    Ipswich banner

    At least on that banner they had the decency to do away with the pointless and embarrassing stars over the club badge.
  3. Lazza

    Spygate and the fall of Leeds United

    Have you never watched professional football? Players play the ball through the legs of an opponent all the time! Just because it's hard for us amateur (at best) players to think of doing that in a game, for a professional who does nothing but play/train/watch football, it's second nature! Just watch someone like Buendia running with the ball past defenders, some times he will play it around them, sometimes it's through them i.e. between their legs or even under them as they run/jump.
  4. Lazza


    West Indies isn't a nation so doesn't have a "national anthem". They do however have "Rally Round the West Indies" which the cricket team uses as their anthem.
  5. Lazza

    Leeds and potential legal action

    Leeds were caught spying on Derby's training session. They admitted that they had all teams watched prior to a game, including their next opponents, Stoke. As Stoke knew that their tactics had been studied, they changed them before the game. Stoke beat Leeds. Is that a coincidence? Would they have won regardless? Would Leeds have won if they had known the tactics Stoke were going to play? Did Stoke actually end up getting the advantage from knowing that Leeds had watched their training so had a good idea of how they would set up to counter it? Who knows. Probably.
  6. Lazza

    Nice view of the ground today.

    I used to work at Laurence Scott, which I think was pretty much directly under where that photo was taken from. Is it still there? I've been down in Berkshire for the last 25 years so a bit out of touch.
  7. Lazza

    Serena Williams

    If we turn it around... if the umpire was female, do you think Williams would have ranted at her the same way? Do you think she would have accused her of sexism? Maybe there was some sexism involved but maybe it wasn''t coming from the umpire.
  8. Lazza

    Grabban's brand new ferrari

    Being charged for taking the car without permission doesn''t mean much at all. Lewis would have had to say he took it without permission, otherwise he would have been charged the same as the idiot "driving" it.
  9. I would have bet on Stoke beating Chelsea. Stoke are a good team on a decent run whereas Chelsea are falling apart. And Sheff W team beating Arsenal reserves isn''t that much of a shock either.
  10. Lazza

    Threats via Private Messages

    Actually crawfish is easy to get over here and is delicious. The difference is, we use it''s correct name - Crayfish [;)]