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  1. Its a great partnership for sure, wih a heck of a lot of potential. Barnett and Ward already have experience playing together before they came here, and it shows. Ward is classy, with a good touch and decent positional awarness and Barnett is powerful, great in the air, composed and no nonsense.Best since Mackay and Fleming I think - and could go on to be better. Lets hope we get the chance to see it develop that far.
  2. Waaaaay too early for that... BUTSurman, Ruddy and maybe Ward. I guess if they go up it means the team would have gelled well though, so maybe a few shrewd signings to keep us up first season would be enough. Full backs, CB and a striker.
  3. Well thanks guys for the heads up - I''m so used to the tickets being sold out by now I didnt even check! But Ive just bought one for Saturday.But, as I have never bought one so close to match day do I just collect the tickets from the ground or will they still be sent to me?
  4. Champions - great job man. Keep posting your reviews and I for one will read them. Ignore the idiots, take anything constructive onboard and carry on with the good work.
  5. £35. And definatley not a waste of money if you have no internet access at work....
  6. I don''t think he''s anywhere near good enough, and I dont think Drury is either IF WE CONTINUE TO PLAY THE DIAMOND.I hope Lambert strengthens both full back positions over the summer.
  7. Not sure if it was just me, but Fraser looked to have a little niggle in the first half, so maybe that had something to do with it as well.He deserved the send off he got though. Future England No1 and personally he was my P.O.T.S.
  8. Lita and Grounds - would want both here myself. A quality young defender and a championship proven goalscorer.... yes please.
  9. Very poor. As mentioned Hughes was too, I just cant believe how he is so slow and apparently weak.The subs were good, and easy decisions really. Elliot had a good half.
  10. Why not book bands that are too big for UEA now but used to love playing there?Muse come to mind immediately and would sell it out no problem.
  11. Wish we could sign him on a permanent deal. Best keeper at Carrow Road I''ve seen.... just hope his kicking improves.
  12. Yeah he was brilliant today. He has come on leaps and bounds this season. I was worried for a moment when he scythed down one of their players so late that the whistle had gone for a foul to us a few seconds before... but the ref saw sense and saw it for what it was and only gave him yellow.His distribution is 100 times better now and he cuts out nearly everything. I hope he can make the step up because he''s a likable player. And he''s proved a lot of us very wrong!
  13. What was there? 20 fans who came on the pitch? They celebrated, walked off, and the players came out anyway.No harm done.Looking forward to the ''allowed'' pitch invasion in 2 weeks ;)
  14. Original Poster - you''re an absolute clownMike Grant - great response.NO ONE should be made to feel in any way a lesser fan for claiming the rebate.
  15. We have another point that we didn''t have at the start of the day....I''d say that that is a point gained?!?!
  16. I don''t want Leeds to get promoted... so I want Millwall to win.
  17. Yes, Drury has been missed. I never thought I''d say that, but you only miss something when it''s gone I guess.I hope he''s back very very soon.
  18. Terry - World Class?!?!!?? LOLNowhere near mate, personal problems or not.
  19. Remember, Roeder had a four year plan. Hoolahan WAS the new hero he intended to replace Huckerby. If he continues in this vein of form, he''ll will become it.Unfortunately, Roeder was never given his 4 years. We wouldn''t be in League One if he weren''t sacked.
  20. I hope to never see you on here again, you insignificant, bitter supporters of a total shite football club.Your chairman is a disgrace, some of your players challenges were a disgrace, your pitch and ground is a disgrace, and your players have disgraced you and themselves.I feel very smug, didnt go to the game but was on the train (from LDN) when the norwich fans got on at colchester - brilliant, sounds like a great day - glad you all enjoyed it!!!With Leeds losing, 9 points between us and tinpot utd, and Charlton not really looking spectacular - I''m getting a bit optimistic all of a sudden.
  21. Well, he was bound to turn dirty eventually, to make up for the fact he is, and always has been total shite. T w a t
  22. Nelson is a pretty poor player in all honesty. Hopefully Lambert can acquire another CB for cover in Jan.Today he looked rubbish. Has no skill or distribution at all, invites pressure, and average at basic defensive duties.On the other hand, the chants of ''There''s only 1 ginger pele'' for the Doc today sent a bit of a tingle down my back, he deserves some praise - he''s having an exceptional season since his comeback. Well done him. Hoolahan has hugely benefitted as well from Lamberts reign as manager - some quality passes from him today, and another great finish.
  23. I did not want us to get knocked out. I wanted us to continue to build momentum and I wanted a day out at Wembley.It may just be the Johnstons paint trophy, but this defeat is the hardest to take this season so far. Colchester was laughable, Leeds I still felt we had shown our credentials, but tonight - after really thinking I''d be seeing NCFC at Wembley for the first time - I''m gutted.
  24. Showed huge potential with us last season. Would love to see him here permantley, as this season under Lambert will prepare for next season Championship campaign.
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