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  1. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

    Mens Saturday 11 A side looking for players

    We are also looking to strength other areas, message if interested
  2. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

    Mens Saturday 11 A side looking for players

    [quote user="Lewie - Holt Our Saviour"]We need defenders/defensive minded midfielders for Dereham Cockers United FC. We play in the Crown Fire Central and South Saturday League[/quote]


    For all enquires
  3. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

    Mens Saturday 11 A side looking for players

    We need defenders/defensive minded midfielders for Dereham Cockers United FC. We play in the Crown Fire Central and South Saturday League
  4. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

    Radio norfolk kill joy...

    Jesus Christ... snore fest.
  5. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

    What is our Best Team?

    4-5-1GK: RuddyLB: TierneyCB: WhitbreadCB: BennettRB: NaughtonLM: PilksCM: JohnsonRM: BennettLAM: HowsonRAM: HoolahanST: Holt
  6. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

    A couple of questions

    Where is Tierney?Why isn''t Whitbread starting ahead of Ward?Haven''t posted here in a while!
  7. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

    Neil Warnock in Norwich...?

    My step dad who is a taxi driver apparently had a call to pick up someone called "Neil Warnock" to take to the station. If it is the ex QPR boss, I wonder what he is doing in Norwich :S..
  8. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

    Sunderland player ratings

    Ruddy - 8Tierney - 7Barnett - 9R.Martin - 8Naughton - 8Fox - 8Johnson - 7Pilks - 7Bennett - 8Hoolahan - 8.5Morison - 8
  9. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour


    [quote user="forever city"]-----------------------------Ruddy (69)----------------------------

    -Naughton (70)---Da Laet (69)---Barnett ( 68 )---Tierney (67)-

    ------------------------------Crofts (70)---------------------------

    -----------Bennett (69)--------------------Surman (70)----------

    ------------------------------Hoolahan (75)------------------------

    -------------------Morison (73)------Holt (73)------------- the --------

    thats what our ratings our, a whole database is on the internet, lambert is 70[/quote]Did you copy that from my thread ;)As I said on their, highly dissappointed with them.(Surman is a 71 btw)Was hoping for more along the line of:------------------------------Ruddy (73)------------------------Naughton (73)---De Laet (72)---Barnett (71)---Tierney (71)------------------------------Crofts (72)----------------------------------Bennett (70)----------------------Pilkington (69)--------------------------------Hoolahan (75)----------------------------------------Morison (73)----------Holt (75)---------------Pilkington is rated 66.JUST TO CLARIFY, THESE RATINGS WERE POSTED BY SOME RANDOM PERSON AND THE DATABASE DOESN''T EVEN LOOK CORRECT.If only I was still a data editor, I would be able to tell you all the true ratings.
  10. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour


    Anyone got a link to saturdays sundays highlights?
  11. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

    Player ratings

    Rudd - 7Tierney - 7Da Laet - 5.5Barnett - 6Naughton - 6Johnson - 8 (MOTM)Crofts - 6Surman - 6Bennett - 6.5Holt - 7C.Martin - 6.5Subs: Hoolahan 7.5Morison N/AVaughan N/ARef - 3
  12. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

    we shouldnt of...

    5-3-2 wasn''t working as shown my Chelseas early dominance and goal. When we switched to 4-1-2-1-2 we looked MUCh better.
  13. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

    Scott Parker to QPR

    "West Ham co-owner David Sullivan has mocked QPR''s £4m bid for Scott

    Parker, claiming it is the equivalent of the Hammers offering Manchester

    United £12m for Wayne Rooney."
  14. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

    Ayala Officially Signs

    Sky Sports.
  15. Lewie - Holt Our Saviour


    [quote user="mrs miggins"]

    [quote user="Lewie - Holt Our Saviour"][quote user="I.S."][quote user="AJ Wizard"]Ruddy 8 Hopefully that''ll show his critics! Held on to some difficult crosses and made a few good saves, unlucky with the penalty. R.Martin 5 To me, didn''t look fit. I fear once Naughton gets a game Martin will find it hard to get his place back. Looked every bit a championship player today - go on Black Pants - prove me wrong against Stoke, please. Tierney 7 - One of the better of the back 4 today. Got forward well, and you can clearly see why Drury is not getting a game these days. His throw is a good threat to have. Interacted with Surman well, which was nice, seeing as the rest of the back 4 wanted to just lump it forward most of the time. De Laet 7 - Would have been an 8, minus the goal. The guy is going to be a big player for us this year, but I think he needs Barnett alongside him. Whitbread 6 - Made some good blocks, looked shakey at times, gave the ball away but got away with it. Surman 5 - Gonna be harsh his, disappeared for most of the game, never looked as influential as he did against Parma. Disappointing, but defended well. Crofts 7 - Decent shift, still has the first touch of a brick wall most of the time though. Fox 7 - Again, decent shift, but often had nobody to pass it too. Hoolahan 5- Looked like a little kid in a big daddy world. Tried everything, but don''t recall many of his passes going to a city player. Won the ball back a few times, but lost it a hell of a lot more. Struggled to find space, but took the goal well. We need to teach him to get inbetween the midfield and defence, he failed that today. Guilty of wasting too many good chances in good positions to either shoot or play people in, Surman the same. Holt 5 - Looked a glimmer of his usual self for some reason. His first touch was woeful, and he was rarely running the channels like his usual self til late in the second half. Morrison outshone him today. Morrison 8 - Agree that he would be my MOTM - Played well, tackled hard, did well to create the goal - possibly the only time a city player beat a defender!! Shame to get taken off, but probably needed a rest after that shift! Pilkington looked very handy, and Bennett put in a few good crosses at the end. Will be interesting to see what we can throw at Stoke.[/quote]Sorry, were you watching the same game as me? Hoolahan 5, and Pilkington looked handy?! Genuinely cannot believe you''ve given Wes the same mark as Surman, and did Pilkington even touch the ball?Thought Wes was all over the pitch today - one poor strike, but easily our most effective player I thought?[/quote]Agreed! I thought Wes did well, one or two sloppy passes but bar that was everywhere.As for those slating Holt, sure he started off very poorly not being able to control the ball for his life but he got better as the game went on, winning free kicks, tackling hard  and could of scored.The penalty was a rediculous decision.[/quote]

    what do you mean the penalty was a ridiculous decision. Of course it was soft but de laet was on the wrong side, pushing and pulling trying to get back and recover from the awful mistake. he had no arguments when it was given so he must have known what he was doing. 

    [/quote]I''ve seen the incident several times, he falls before Da Laet had even touched him! No way was it a pen.