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  1. True, I''ll give you that. Yes I am an ''inferior fan'' - only a casual. You can''t disagree this is very depressing. Worse than the season under Worthington.
  2. Lakey is an idiot. Same league as Adrian Durham. Pot stirrer, nothing more. Certainly knows little about the sport he is paid to report on. After Fers abysmal display again today surely Fox should be in the frame for the next match? Hopefully the new manager will see this! I can dream.
  3. OUT! Under Hughton we will do well not to finish bottom. How far we came in 3 years under Lambert, how far we''ve declined in 1 1/2 under Hughton. Very depressing.
  4. If the so called ''Hughton Outers'' are that bothered, perhaps they would refuse to go to any matches until he''s gone. I haven''t been since Villa at home last season. And I won''t go until he is gone. Just an idea?
  5. David Fox simply cannot be dropped. He provides the balance and calm to the midfield and to a degree our very shaky defence. On that note, I would drop one of the cbs now. Neither have been that great, and I hope we.strengthen there in January.
  6. A decent performance today let down by (obviously) another dodgy ref, the reluctance of our players to shoot, and our midfield.Why do we have two of our best and most creative players on the bench? I mean Fox is clearly the best passer at the club, and he hasn''t played since Wigan where he was walking a tightrope after his first minute booking...Johnson can provide the ''bite'', Crofts can sit on the bench. He has been really disappointing so far this season and his first touch is abysmal for a professional footballer in a high division.I don''t know if Pilkington is niggled again (?) but from what I have seen he is much more of a threat and adds more to the midfield unit on the whole than Bennet, who should be our ''impact sub''.I didnt think Surman played too badly today, but we need Fox and Hoolahan in, who are both far better players.Midfield to look like this            FoxPilkington   Johnson        HoolahanI also hope Vaughan will be fully fit and his lip is okay as I''d like to see him start.On another note Olsson and Tamas (and Reid with his wrestling) were despicable today.... but showed us how you need to be battling at the bottom end of this league. They certainly knew what to get away with and when.I also thought Rudd played well. I hope some stay off his back now, and his pen save gives him a lot of confidence. I''m just as happy with him in goal as I am Ruddy.De Laet is turning into De Liability. I know he''s not rated on this site but I''d love to Ward fit asap and back in the team. Classy defenders who are comfortable with the ball at their feet and can pick passes are all the rage in the prem. I know a lot disagree but Ward is good with the ball, and surely won''t make as many huge errors as De Laet. Todays goal was pathetic, and the fact he tried to blame Rudd made it even more frustrating...  hold your hands up, mate.Tierney has stepped up very well, as I expected. He was our best player today.Naughton looks fine, shame hes not ours.Barnett looks perma-clumsy, but today he did well. I want to see him alongside Ward again as that partnership began to look good before his injury last season.I like Morison too, but he could have done better with that header. Him and Vaughan could well end up being our top 2 very soon.
  7. Credit to the whole team of course but I feel so much of Fox''s work is unsung.... he set up all our main chances tonight, bossed the midfield with his tenacious play, has great vision.... totally awesome.Great times ahead, Pink Un!!!
  8. Very good points, I noticed he didnt run as much as usual and did seem to be sat ''in the hole'' quite often - his assist was immaculate.I think Surman was my MotM though.
  9. Great last ditch tackle at the end. Moment of the match in my opinion. And HUGE for the rest of the season.
  10. See, I loved that moment.But the clearance that led to the goal. Why didnt he do a dummy then, Tyson was right onto him. Okay, it was a fluke that it went in, but still - you run the risk.
  11. Good appointment. They *should* stay up anyway, and although most on here hate him, Roeder does have a good eye for players and tactics. His man management is clearly his weakpoint, but this job doesn''t require it. Just liaising with the Villa coaching staff.Remember, we would have definately gone down a season before if it weren''t for him, and although we were falling when he went, we WEREN''T in the drop zone. Gunn made sure we went down with his -even worse than GRs- loan signing, and absurd tactics and thoughts (2-0 up v so''ton, oh we needed the 3rd goal to win) etc etc.If we were to play against a side managed by him in the future, just think about this before you call him a cunt.
  12. Today we were amazing. I would love to see the possession stats but I wouldn''t be surprised if we had over 75% of it. Even at 5-0 with seconds today I thought we''d score another. All our players possess a great touch, are confident, work hard and well together. I remember just a handful of misplaced passes.The quality of our team even from a couple of months ago is a real eye opener.Drury - Tierney. I thought Drury has been past it for a while and Doncaster was the last straw - he had a shocker. Tierneys come in and been brilliant. I really rate him. What a signing.Barnett - Whitbread. I know Barnett is highly rated on here, but to me he is made to look very clumsy at times. Whitbread has a certain finesse about him and I think he will do well in the prem if we were to get there. Definatlet better than Barnett in MY opinion.Nelson/Askou - Ward. His touch is amazing for a championship centre back. Looks composed. Shame about the odd mistake but his partnership with Whitbread looks better every game.Fox. What a player. Our best midfielder. The vision and passing of a prem player, tencious, tireless.Hoolahan. Finally showing his class at this level. Grown and grown this year.Holt. Has been banging them in for fun as of late, obviously offers a lot more but its of no coincidence that we have scaled the league under his best vein of scoring form. Pacheco looks like he will fit in very nicely too. Some superb defence splitting passes, looks lively and has all the skill that we expected from a Barcelona youth player. Could make the difference in the run in.Do I think we will go up in 2nd?It looks good. We can STILL catch QPR, if Sheff U cause an upset on Monday they will be nervous, seeing our 6-0 win today.A point at Swansea and I think we''re there.
  13. Martin and Wilbraham may recover over the extra week off. Can''t be bad.
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