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  1. I seem to remember one summer when Worthy was in charge, and we only made one signing. Lee Croft.
  2. I went to the game tonight. We played ok in general without being amazing. Ruddy looked solid, though I was the other end for the goal and not seen it back, so not sure who to blame for that. Tof done alright, has a lot of potential and very good going forward, needs to improve his defensive play. VOO had a decent game, though the final ball was poor, hopefully that will come back with game time. Far too many shots over or wide though for my liking.
  3. His performance tonight was a Fernando Torres for Chelsea type performance. I don''t see him getting much of a look in, loaning him out is our best hope of cutting our losses. The 1 on 1 was by no means easy. Grabban put away a similar chance on Saturday though. I''d say RVW is probably 3rd choice, just slightly ahead of Hooper, who offered very little tonight.
  4. Hang on a minute. Cast your mind back and we done a deal so holt could effectively leave to go be near his family. 12 months on, what makes anyone think anything has changed and he''d want to come back and live down here away from his girls? IMO, holt should''ve stayed last season to fight for his place, but bottled it with the arrival of 3 new strikers. In hindsight, it was right to let him go, but he won''t have any real desire to come back for Norwich, it''d be more to try and kick start his career before he tumbles through the leagues. He''ll always be a legend for the goals he scored for us, best leave it like that.
  5. Morty, in response to your hindsight arguement.  Basically, the majority of fans wanted Hughton gone leading up to Xmas/new year.  Fulham away in the cup was the final straw for me.  I lost a lot of interest in NCFC after that game.  I''m not a season ticket holder, due to work commitments I should add.   But it was very difficult to carry on supporting the team and manager after such an abject performance.  One of many so far during the season.   We''d been playing pretty poorly in the first half of the season.  Hughton seemed pretty reluctant to change his style of play or try different tactics.  Nobody could''ve predicted all 3 of our striker signings would''ve failed so badly, but for me, January was still a chance to try and put things right.  I guess there wasn''t a great deal of options for players to be leaving, Becchio is the obvious one, maybe we could''ve let Hoolahan go, (He had little impact in the second half of the season).  But there were also 2 spaces in the squad filled by Yobo and Jonas, so that would''ve been 3 squad spaces.  For me, at least one of those spaces should''ve been a new striker, as well as a number 10, and a CB.    Mcnally saying that Jan prices are over iflated is a bit of a cop out.  If that''s the market rate, then so be it.  As mentioned, our squad was not performing how it should''ve, and we should''ve made more effort to address that.  Yobo done alright, but signing Jonas, who''d barely kicked a ball for half a year, and then expecting him to come in and make a difference, was pretty strange.   Maybe the board were scared to back Hughton because of the failures of the forwards, if that was the case CH, even more reason why CH should''ve gone.      
  6. Summer 2013 didn''t go horribly wrong.  January did.  Only signing 2 loan players was pretty poor, especially when Jonas had barley played all season.  Yobo done a job most of the time in the games he played.   We should''ve strengthend more in January In more opinion.
  7. Once again, appologies I''ve not been a regular over the last few weeks.   I was on holiday for the last 2 weeks.   I''ll go for Benfica this week please.   Good luck everyone
  8. Good evening PUP''s   Appologies for missing last week.   I''ll have Bayern Munich this week please.   Good luck everyone
  9. I had about 300 odd programes, mostly from 80''s and 90''s.  A lot were collected by myself, but I also picked up a few at car boots.   To be honest, they''re virtually worthless.  I had all 3 home Uefa cup programmes, play off final, 1985 milk cup final, but you can pick them all up for about £2 or £3.  I tried to seel them on Ebay, and wanted about £50 for the lot, but the most I got offered was about £20.  I gave them away to a mate in the end, who I knew would appreciate them and look after them, and add to them.   I don''t bother buying them now when I go, 50% adverts nowadays, and loads of stuff aimed at kids, it doesn;t include anything that you can;t find on the internet.
  10. Bayern Munich will win again this weekend, so I''m going for them again this week   Good luck everyone
  11. Welcome back everyone   I''ll have Bayern Munich to win please
  12. Well, we wont be wearing the away kit against Fulham.   I like both the new kits...  Probably get the home one and join the other 20,000 with RVW and 9 on the back.
  13. Right with you SLIM...   I think we are in a situation where the club doesn''t really need our small contribution.  I think its been a great group to be part of for the last few years, and I really enjoy reading and posting views on the weeks betting.   Just a thought, is it worth contacting the club?  Whilst the club may be celebrating new found fortune, I''m sure they would still be disappointed to hear that we feel that our contribution is not worthwhile.  Didn''t Ricky Martin or someone else fairly high profile come to a few of the end of season do''s?   I think if we go with donating to a charity, something local and something connected to NCFC, so the club can still be involved on presentation nights, is the way to go.    Once again, I''d like to take the opportunity to say thanks for all the work you put in to keeping the free bet going Eddy, you''ll have a tenner off me in a few weeks for the new season.  [:D]
  14. I don''t think the age thing is that big a deal.  I think we need a few more experienced heads in the team.  I also think FQ would be able to play a little deeper behind RVW and that they could link up pretty well together.    Personally, I don;t think this deal will happen, but it would be great signing if it did...
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