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  1. [quote user="CanaryOne"]The defence was so bad last time in the Champs we had to get Bassong back from Watford , that defence included Whittaker and Martin who should be released this summer , past their best ages ago and better suited to league 1 football and that includes the Scottish national team .As one poster said the other night How crap is Scottish football , answer very crap .[/quote]You realise we had the best defence in the league when Neil came in right? And Martin was in the championship team of the year, as voted by fellow players and managers? Basically makes everything you''ve said look ridiculous.
  2. You said that some youngsters we sign take time to come to fruition, and some don''t, and we are yet to benefit from the latter. Redmond was young, signed from the lower leagues, and broke in to the first team, so we have benefitted from the latter.
  3. [quote user="BroadstairsR"]"I don''t think you have the slightest clue what you are talking about. If you are expecting us to sign youngsters and expect them to be good enough for the first team straight away then you are deluded." So politely put. Who said anything about expecting these youngsters to be ready for the first team straight away? I clearly stated that some need time, whilst others didn''t and that we have yet to benefit from the latter. Thompson is twenty one now and there are plenty of his age in Premier League squads. Everton, for one example, have both Stones and Barkley, who are also full internationals. Thompson has yet to progress beyond the Swindon Town first team. Yes, it is a commendable strategy, but it is not inexpensive and it therefore needs getting right to the extent that would be nice to see at least a sign of some return on investment, sooner rather than later. I am not expecting a supply of internationals either. Madison might represent that breakthrough.[/quote] Really?Wasn''t Redmond absolutely pivotal in the play offs for us? And isn''t he currently our top goalscorer and is pretty much toe to toe with £50m Raheem Sterling statistically this year?
  4. Desire has never been an issue, it''s just something that fans throw around as an excuse when things aren''t going our way, pretty much the same as when people were saying Neil had lost the dressing room, it''s the usual rubbish. I haven''t seen a lack of desire in this team all season, I''ve seen them outclassed a few times but never a lack of desire. I also think we played better away at Swansea than we did at WBA, we just got the rub of the green at WBA.
  5. [quote user="BroadstairsR"]Agree with you wholeheartedly STAN. It is a commendable strategy but it is costing the Club money and so far hasn''t brought the slightest hint of reward. Some say that these youngsters need time. Some young players do, some don''t and we haven''t benefited from the latter yet. Perhaps young Madison will signal the breakthrough, but I seem to remember McGrandles being spoken of as the next Georgie Best in some circles. This strategy fails if none make our first team, irrespective of what division we occupy. Will any recoup the money spent in fees? I''m hoping it fructifies, and that we continue to invest this way, but at the moment it hasn''t been of obvious benefit to the Club. A Club that needs to watch every pound it spends, at least until this season''s outcome is finalised.[/quote]I don''t think you have the slightest clue what you are talking about. If you are expecting us to sign youngsters and expect them to be good enough for the first team straight away then you are deluded. It''s costing the club money that the club can afford and has put aside to strengthen our next generation of potential players.
  6. [quote user="Donkey dangler"]Ryan Bennett from the Posh (Port out starboard home) Russell Martin from the Posh Early days re our youngsters, give ''em a chance.[/quote]Tbf, Martin was actually in the league above when we signed him initially on loan, pretty sure he signed a contract with us whilst we were still in league 1 and the Posh were in the Championship. And people seeing us sign youngsters and expecting immediate success are incredibly short sighted and would be the same people who call to sack a manager after a tough run and drop a player after one poor performance.
  7. Well this thread has gone quiet, almost to the day that Bassong was injured and was out of the team and Martin''s performances improved dramatically when playing next to a decent defender who he didn''t have to cover for? Fancy that.
  8. [quote user="Oh Cameron Jeroooooooome"]When we lost the home game to spurs few weeks back thought he was our best player that night and was unlucky to lose his place for the next game. The back 4 and Ruddy was one people had been asking for a while and it turned out to be our best defensive display of the season. So hopefully we can go into these last 8 with something to build on.[/quote] Really? He was a complete liability that night, watch the 3rd goal again. Did play well against City though and they were clearly targetting him in the second half. If he can maintain that form then he should start against WBA, only thing I worry about with Olsson is he has games where he looks like a league 2 standard defender.
  9. Been saying all season that he was the weak link in the defence.All the RM haters on here who clearly have little to no football knowledge were blaming him for goals which were quite clearly Bassongs fault, the amount of time Bassong left Martin exposed and trying to defend against two players was incredible, the opposing team inevitably scores and Martin was getting slaughtered. Quite telling for me that in the 3 games in the PL Bassong has missed, we didn''t allow the league leaders a shot on target till the 65th minute and went down to Brady disappearing down the left and Pinto letting his man go free, a sloppy goal against Chelsea in which Pinto again let the player get an easy shot off, then the offside goal which our defence couldn''t have done anything about. Swansea away, again Pinto losing the ball high up the field and then not getting back quick enough to mark Sigurdsson. So in the games Bassong has missed, none of the goals that have been conceded have been the fault of either Klose or Martin, the back 2/3 are actually looking incredibly solid at the moment and keeping teams at bay, Klose and Martin are working well together and it would be ridiculous to drop either for Bassong who quite simply shouldn''t be anywhere near a PL team. Biggest help for our defence would be to stop making our full backs bomb up the field leaving us exposed down both flanks!
  10. [quote user="Dr. Ink"]Point 1 is interesting. I too have been wondering why Olsson has not been given a run this season. The few times he has played he has been fine. By using Olsson, Brady can play further forward (with Jarvis as backup). With Brady left and Redmond right, we can accommodate both Naismith and Hoolahan. It''s been a very frustrating period, and I am seriously losing faith in AN''s ability to pick the best team. [/quote]Really? Did you see the horror show between him and Bassong away at Newcastle, what about him getting dispossessed against Spurs leading them to run through on goal? What about the same thing happening against West Ham and we very nearly conceeded a 3rd goal? He''s a bang average championship left back.I said at the start of January that leftback was more important to fill than right back, now we have a potential crisis at leftback if Brady is injured and Pinto has been costing us goals left right and centre.Couldn''t get worse than Martin they said, Martin needs replacing asap they said............
  11. [quote user="JF"]No the Newcastle match did that.[/quote]We were in a good run of form at the start of the January transfer window???And you are doing Leicester a disservice, they aren''t on top just because they have the most spirit, they have some real quality in their team, Vardy, Mahrez and Kante, Kante probably the best midfielder in the Premier League at doing what he does. However you try and dress it up, we were doing fine with the squad we had, since adding to it, we''ve dropped like a ton of bricks. So, the summer transfer window was good, the January one was horrendous.
  12. [quote user="JF"]I posted on here after the summer transfer window had closed that transfer window has just relegated us. Obviously I got roundly slated for that opinion but the reality is that is likely to be the case. The board have spectacularly messed this season up with their incompetence.[/quote]You deserved to get slated because you were quite clearly wrong. People were crying out for new players, can''t get worse than RM etc etc.Since having this new team after spending a lot in the January transfer window, we''ve played 7 games and picked up 1 point. Take the first 7 games after the summer transfer window, we had 9 points.So perhaps if we''d gone with the team in the summer and not made so many changes in the January transfer window, we''d have been a few points higher up the league?
  13. Could have quite easily been a penalty at the end there (maybe a freekick). Good half, I''d take Naismith off as he''s been pretty useless and bring Bamford on in his place and move Wes out left.
  14. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]the reason RM get''s so much stick on here is he is constantly covering for Seb being out of position, missing headers, missing clearances, and giving the ball away! [/quote]Been saying that all season but unfortunately most are too dim, or just have too much of  a vendetta to realise.
  15. [quote user="westcoastcanary"][quote user="daly"]Perhaps the way the England team set up suits him better, some of the greatest wingers we had in the past 50 years did not have to be fullbacks.[/quote] Perhaps that''s why the England U21s always qualify for tournament finals and then, when they come up against the good sides who play like their seniors, fade ignominiously away. If Redmond continues to be a liability defensively, he may feature occasionally for England but will never be a regular at senior level (much like Walcott).[/quote]I assume you are basing that on the last tournament England u21''s played in? And not the previous few tournaments in which they did pretty well in. During the last tournament, Redmond was the only England player to be selected in the team of the tournament.Harsh reality is, other players such as Lindgaard will reach the full England squad before Redmond, not because they are better, but because they play for bigger clubs.
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