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  1. We could try playing in all these different formations, try out loads of different players but the problem for me is one thing.....We play in straight lines. We are so square at times it''s unbelieveable. When we have the ball you can bet that the shape we have is the same as when we dont have it, theres no movement with people trying to give the person on the ball a better/angled option. I am not claiming we should be playing anywhere near like Bayern but just look at the options they create for themselves and then think back to last night and consider how many options our players had whilst on the ball. 9 times out of 10 it was either a square ball sideways or a chip down the line. Sadly in my opinion this is Chris Hughton''s fault and it need''s to be changed fast.
  2. Good signing for Swansea, would of liked him here. Technically would''nt be a free though because as he is under 24 i believe Blackpool would be due a fee at a tribunal simular to Jed Steer''s.
  3. Would like us to aim higher with potential signings but i would undoubtedly prefer O''Kane To Glenn Whelan!
  4. If we are throwing names around who have been assistants to big names i wouldnt mind Paul Clement.Has worked under some massive names in Hiddink and Ancelotti and has studied coaching from a young age.Openly admits he wants to manage one day.Hes English.However there are other targets who i think are better suited at the moment and i also very much doubt he would quit as Real Madrird assistant manager to come here.
  5. The team i think it will be, not what i want it to be is:RuddyWhittakerMartinBassongOlssonFerJohnsonSnodgrassRedmondElmanderHooper
  6. Without using "stats" or being "pedantic" i couldnt tell you, what i can tell you is the clear cut chances have not improved at all.Keep up the Pedancy Warren, It''s obviously what makes you happy.
  7. Sorry Warren. OK we could shoot alot more from 30 yards (which we are ), doesnt mean we are attacking more.1) I think you got out of the wrong side of the bed.2) I think you are being ridiculously pedantic.
  8. Warren HillI wasnt being facetious at all. I was marely pointing out how statistics can be mislleding. Was i incorrect in what i wrote?
  9. The Ghost Of Michael TheoklitosI would say that it is the fault of the manager. He has been a at the club a year and a half now so the squad that he is now choosing to put out every week is his choice. If that squad lacks a creative midfielder or a winger that can perform consistently then it is up to the manager to spot and change this.  He believes in the players that he is putting out and although the players share some of the responsibility by no way is Hughton blameless. You clearly state we need to improve the quality of our midfield.....who''s responsibilty is it to improve this area?
  10. I didnt say anywhere that we had been shooting from the halfway line, i was using it as an example. Didnt think it was that hard to understand .....
  11. Those stats dont prove that we are playing attacking football, It just proves that weare shooting more. You could take 100 shots a game from the half way line, doesnt mean you are more of an attacking force.
  12. Would be suprised if he cost anywhere near £8M as I believe his contract is up at the end of the year.I agree it would be a good signing though.Also wouldnt mind Aiden McGeady but it looks like hes joing Everton.
  13. I can''t agree with you there im afraid Jimmy. Thats like saying LA Galaxy were top class opposition because they had David Beckham, a £25m player. He was once that type of player but not at his current club. Berbatov is being linked with a £2M move to Arsenal, way off currently being a £30M player.
  14. 2-0 to us. Swansea will be tired from 3 games in a week.
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