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  1. Just answer te questions properly and fully Waz. Jeez, you never change, you''ve been the same for a long time and it''s boring.
  2. O.T.B.C

    2x Adult tickets for Luton game

    Email sent mate, ill take them please?
  3. O.T.B.C

    London pubs showing city

    The Old Red Lion on Angel is the main place to watch games as the owner is a ''Yella''
  4. O.T.B.C

    Norwich vs. Stoke Player Ratings

    I thought Martin was superb in the first half, ran a lot and linking up really well. We have so many options. I think if Morison was fit, Martin wouldn''t have played, so my theory in bringing on Morison for Holt is a little bit off.

    Thought De Like was good, impressed by the wingers we had today.

    Very annoyed that Barnett got sent off and thus conceding the goal.
  5. O.T.B.C

    Mcnamee off.

  6. O.T.B.C

    Mcnamee off.

    According to Sky, he has been given a free transfer, maybe to free up room. Need some more sources, maybe Bethnel, but text from season ticket holder than Lansbury has turned down a new contract and will be signing for us. Like I said, not sure how accurate it is, but would be well happy getting in as good as Lansbury for a league one player.
  7. O.T.B.C

    Holt going to Leicester

    What about if we sold Holt for 2 million and were the club that bought Shane Long for 8 million? Would that make some happy?
  8. O.T.B.C

    QPR can't sign anyone...

    Why is it hearsay? Just a thought/wish by the poster...
  9. now he would be a cracking signing, would love him here, I think he has a big future.
  10. O.T.B.C

    Here is the new kit guys

    I quite like it on the video, which I think is funny. I will need to see the kit in the flesh to see if I like the colour etc.
  11. O.T.B.C

    Its NOT me on Y'army website!

    Pot, kettle black CT, you stick many ''Scum'' posts on, it''s bordering on City1st''s obsession ;-)
  12. O.T.B.C

    Mark Bright - Twitter

    Citizen Journalist Foghorn, now there is a name from the past...
  13. O.T.B.C

    Jimmy Kebe

    Mcgugen is quality, Henry is not quite there yet, maybe one for the future.
  14. O.T.B.C

    Jimmy Kebe

    His crossing wasn''t the best the other day, but he is direct and would have him here. Prefer Snodgrass, Whittingham though, but know we need pace. I don''t think Burke is too much to write home about, how about the Bristol City winger, who used to play for Barnet?
  15. O.T.B.C

    3rd Morison bid turned down

    I would go up to 3.5 million for him, most of that with the usual add ons. Failing that, I would go for Maynard. Would love both, but I''m greedy.