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  1. Raymond De Waard i agree the atmosphere is good in my eyes but not concsistent and some new songs would be good!!
  2. Dont shoot me down but maybe a new song to sing -to the tune of    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6-FD33g1W4&feature=related  but with changed lyricsEverywhere we go The people want to know Who we are Where we come from Shall we tell them We are the cityThe mighty Norwich city We''re here to watch the yellows To support the mighty yellows We are the Norwich The Mighty Mighty Norwich We are the Army The Barmy Barmy Army Paul Lamberts''s Barmy Army Etc Etc
  3. My view of the signings so far Ruddy - A really good signing, he will be OUR number 1 this year and hopefully a consistent one. Ward - A quality signing i think he will be one of the 2 first choice centre backs. Smith - A young left back with bags of potential and hopefully bring the best out of Drury. Fox and Crofts - I am undecided on these so far. Surnam - I am really exited about this guy!!!!!! My 11 would be Ruddy Martin Ward Nelson Drury Surnam Lappin Smith Hoolahan Martin Holt
  4. I will get shot down for this but this song just clicked thought it might be decent. To the tune of She''ll be coming round the mountain We are the norwich city boys over here We are the norwich city boys over here And we sing our hearts out for the lads And we sing our hearts out Our yellow and green hearts out for the lads
  5. Doc is deffo but who else? And who seem to be friends in the squad ??
  6. ??? Doc i think who else?? Also who are mates in the norwich team any ideas?
  7. Cheers Gu and Paul nice to be agreed with. I will also be betting on promoting for us next year!
  8. Providing we do get promoted this year. I strongly believe that relugation may have been just what we needed. We started winning  again after Gunn left and now the team is full of confidence we should do well next season. Getting out of this league is not easy ask Leeds fans, and they are a big club. But the way I see it is the decent size clubs who get promoted from this league tend to do well in the championship the next season. For example Swansea decent ground, decent support they were in and around the play offs last season and they are in the play offs at the moment. Leicester are the same.Even some of the smaller clubs do ok Doncaster, Blackpool, Bristol City. And it is usaully some of the clubs who hang around mid table in the championship for a few years who get dragged into a relugation fight for example this year- Plymoth, Watford and Sheffield Wednesday . And last year Us, Charlton, Southampton. Do you agree if not why not??
  9. I agree wizard i am silghty nervous but then again I always am
  10. From last season to this season well done Lambert! Ande the board for bringing him in. And i suppose Gunn a bit for bring in Holt, Askou,   20 Barnsley 46 13 13 20 45 58 -13 52 21 Plymouth Argyle 46 13 12 21 44 57 -13 51 22 Norwich City 46 12 10 24 57 70 -13 46 23 Southampton 46 10 15 21 46 69 -23 45 24 Charlton Athletic 46 8 15 23 52 74 -22 39 To    # Club P W D L F A GD P 1 Norwich City 38 25 7 6 78 38 40 82 2 Leeds United 38 20 11 7 62 33 29 71 3 Millwall 38 20 11 7 62 36 26 71 4 Swindon Town 38 19 13 6 58 45 13 70 5 Charlton Athletic 38 18 14 6 64 45 19 68 6 Colchester United 38 18 11 9 56 41 15 65   From                      using 30+ players           To             Having a consitant team for most of the season.         
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/n/norwich/7385477.stm Looking back Huckerby was treated unfairly by Glenn Roeder''s i.e being released. No one in there right mind relesaes a Norwich legend. But Hucks said he left for the USA because he didnt want to play against City. Havent been to Carrow for a while due to distance,  any songs being sung for hucks these days?
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