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  1. Anyone know what''s happening with him?? I''m assuming he''s not joining having not played today??
  2. I have it on fairly good authority that we are waiting for the outcome of the play-offs and, should Huddersfield not make it, we will be going ''all out'' for David Wagner as our new HC. Cambs
  3. Can anyone help??? I just queued for over an hour when through I went to login but it kicked me back to start of the queue again. Its done it twice now!!!!!! Heeeeeeelllllp
  4. Gary O''neil just tweeted that he''ll have next season sorted by mon or tues next week. I think him joining us must be dependent on wages being cleared and/or money coming in otherwise it surely would''ve happened by now (he''s been training with us etc). So i reckon rvw will be gone by mon/tues. I just wonder if this means other transfers will also be dependent on players such as bassong and fer, who must be on big money, leaving first.....??
  5. The good news to come out of sundays game is that we haven''t won back to back games all season so nobody actually expected it and we are usually very very good in the game immediately following a very very bad performance.   BJ and Tettey will get a full weeks rest (which they appear to need) Howson gets another weeks training. RVP will hopefully be back fit, Hooper looked decent against Villa. Yobo and Bassong appear to be (basing this assumption purely on  bassongs last couple of years) the type of players to have bad game after a few good ones so hopefully they''ll be back on it on Saturday. Olsson can get some much needed physio done on his shoulder. Snoddy gets a week to recover, Redmond can go and attack with England and remember what that feels like. Stoke have a terrible away record (even worse than ours). You''ll see below they''ve not won in their last 6 away games................. Stoke1413101028-186LLLLDLOh and our home record is very good (as good as Southampton''s) and we''re unbeaten in our last 4 home games!! Norwich145541211+120LLWDDW  Hooray   Cambs    
  6. Judging by the way the players have celebrated our last two goals scored in our last two games, one of which was a win against a side scrapping for a place in the champions league places and who have the best away record in the league, I''m not too concerned that any such supposed or rumoured discontent is really affecting us on the pitch that much. We played badly against Villa, very very badly and its not the first time this season we''ve played very badly (man city away). The good news is that very bad performances are often followed by positive ones for us so here''s hoping the mood on this board changes (yet again) after the stoke game!
  7. I genuinely wasn''t trying to imply that he''s off this transfer window, especially with his recent contract. Im just starting to think that perhaps his injury is significantly worse than is being let on. Similar to the rvw situation......... either that or he''s failed a drugs test or is being investigated for match fixing.......(this is said with my tongue firmly in my cheek)
  8. Whats the true story with howsons back? Im simply not convinced by this back injury story that seems to be dragging on and on. Now suddenly he needs a ''period of rest''. I''m basing my thoughts on nothing other than a feeling and seriously hope the everton game could see his return. I also hope his return will be followed shortly after by the return of tettey and pilks and a return to form for snoddy. I still think we have a squad very capable of finding 6 wins before the end of the season and with the addition of a centre mid and centre half (wishful thinking) we will hopefully be ok......
  9. He came on against cambridge for last 20-30 mins or so. Vefy tall skinny centre half
  10. Due to be confirmed latet today that he''s heading to Doncaster. No idea on fee etc. Will this get things moving with incomings???
  11. Butterfield announces he''s going on loan but the club dont say a thing which tells me he''s part of another deal. If this is the case then why havent the club announced the deal? Its gotta be to protect the other club. Why protect another club? They must have been playing tonight and didnt want news of the deal to interfere with their prep for the game. Becchio is suddenly sick and doesn''t play for leeds and therefore I have deduced that we''re signing becchio from leeds with Butterfield going on loan to them for the rest of the season... Im clever me
  12. When this was first brought up in the summer i was far from keen but now i''ve seen the way Hoots wants us to play and the fact that a busy, bustling, energetic front man is definitely required i think CMS could end up being a decent bit of business. He will have a huge passion and drive to try to succeed in the prem and to have a good go at proving himself at this level and why not see if he is up to it?? There were plenty of Lamberts signings that were originally met with a lack of excitement and an expectation that they wouldnt be good enough but they mostly turned out ok!! Hoots seems to have a good eye and i think CMS will fit our style more than any of the others on our books aprt from Holty!! CMS seems to me to play a lot like Jonathan Walters at Stoke and who would''ve thought he''d be anything as good as he is for them when they paid our lovely neighbours just under 3mil for him?? I say give him a go. In a few years 3mil could seem like a bargain...................... Cambs
  13. I think everyone is missing the point here, think the bigger issue is clearly issues around the 3rd runway. What sort of senseless thought process went into the proclamation that you can rule out there ever being a 3rd runway??? and as for a second tier on the city stand........................you need to take 5 minutes to think before you type my friend!
  14. Woop woop Englands number 1. Good on ya son
  15. ahhhh yes, that makes sense. Like i said (very possible)
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