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  1. i fooking hope so! not the hwangker coming back though
  2. you are wrong bellingham will go down as the best player of his generation better than all the rest you mention
  3. didnt have the player to bring on which would of continued the same
  4. Hey!! trust me they are trying to get everything across the line.
  5. i bet idah couldn't fit a tyre i also bet idahs career is better than vardys at the same age
  6. Is Wagner the worst manager we have ever had? i will add to my list of Idah and Hernandez as the worst threads
  7. yes they do they break and come and warm up again
  8. i dont know why after every set they stop the play? surly it breaks the momentum and ruins the game
  9. watched the youth team beat chelsea
  10. Rowe and fisher are in our first team not the youth team?
  11. Im dreading it My wife bought me a ticket for xmas
  12. sara was everywhere!!!!! but he had no one with him
  13. Drop a good defensive midfielder into our squad and we will **** this league
  14. the problem is we have some good players but no one who can develop them into a unit
  15. sorry cant give you any money as i already spunked it
  16. the best defender on the pitch is argos but for the other team
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