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  1. Maybe the manger should of shouted out something like "game C" where everyone knows what they should be doing?
  2. Its about keeping structure. Something our team has been lacking in. Being drilled into a structure maybe would help?
  3. In training do they never play in a scenario against a team when we and they have a player sent off? I would of thought its a basic training model. To fall apart like we did last night is shocking.
  4. Yes you are right . I ment to put restarted!! lol
  5. Volkswagen is a company that was started by the British
  6. I dont understand why archant dont pick you up for a match report??
  7. dont agree with the OP but wagner hasnt has the chance yet
  8. disagree with you to take off the best two players on the pitch after 55 mins is crazy he got lucky
  9. you are the thick person if you do not see what was wrong!!!!!
  10. after less than 60 mins he took off our two best players on the night why?
  11. Just a prediction comes back at the end of the season with no offers
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