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  1. I seem to recall it was due to Keegan being unavailable. Had to get back to Germany possibly?
  2. Nathan Redmond: http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4013/4455858322_7f9942e404_z.jpg Mike the Headless Chicken: http://www.edp24.co.uk/polopoly_fs/010713_1245_1_2264946!image/4099643443.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_630/4099643443.jpg
  3. Some people reckon an aisle seat on the first flight back to Turkey, but I''d put him in the middle of a row. Make him suffer.
  4. His performance against Luton suggested he''s not quite up to conference standard. Tonight confirmed that.
  5. Realistically that team would struggle. Better to put out the full eleven that we are allowed.
  6. Jed Steer Fifth choice at NCFC last season Did well in non-league (where the strikers can''t hit a barn door with a banjo) Fulfills his destiny by replacing Judas at Villa. How will we ever replace him? Is Aaron Lee-Barrett available?
  7. Four forwards, playing in inferior teams, still managed to outscore Hooper in the SPL last season. Their records in English football shed light on what level of player can succeed in the SPL, and a prism through which to view Hooper''s strike rate. Michael Higdon (26 league goals last season) 10 goals in 81 league appearances for Crewe Billy McKay (23) 13 in 74 for Northampton Leigh Griffiths (23) has managed one substitute appearance in the League Cup for Wolves Niall McGinn (20) 5 in 37 for Brentford Hooper''s record in lower league football is impressive, but noticeably more impressive than Simeon Jackson''s. Of course statistics don''t tell the whole truth, but I reckon we dodged a huge bullet with Hooper in January, I hope we don''t go back for more.
  8. Does "Sammy" Klingon count as a has-been when we signed him. Because his career ended when he left us.
  9. Actually I''m not rather dim, but since we are never likely to meet I commend you on your bravery in insulting me from behind your keyboard. What a shame that would could be a sensible forum is ruined by cheap insults.
  10. Yes you have missed something. NCFC recently issued its Annual Report and it''s reported in there.
  11. Don''t remember it at Carrow Road (and I was in the Barclay for that Orient game) and didn''t go away much in the 70s. I attended Sheffield Wednesday v Luton at Hillsborough in 81/2, stood on the Spion Kop, Monkey chanting was constant and the area behind and around the goal was littered with bananas thrown at Ricky Hill and Brian Stein. Only time I''ve ever been pleased that Luton won a game. IMO if Ricky hill had been white he would have played for a bigger club, and for England many times.
  12. McNally is worth it. Category 1 Academy, debt disappearing. The last paid directors ran the debt through the roof and relegated us to division 3 in the process. And every time we play at home we see their permanent legacy... a loss making hotel taking up a corner of a ground that isnt big enough. Would anyone care to estimate how much the vile Munby and equally vile Doncaster cost this club over the years?
  13. I daren''t even go on TWAT the vitriol must be overpowering. But those Villa fans that chanted at Carrow Road last season must now realise that you have to be careful what you wish for. They say: "Hes picked the wrong line up time and time again, made the wrong substitutions, signed average players who aren''t ready and has a tendency to laugh of problems in interviews.We dont look like a team. Its not good enough." "We have won 1 game out of 8 without meeting the top dogs, this start of the season has been extremely bad and I am fearing relegation even more this season. Six goals in 8 matches is piss poor, and our attacking players are way better than that if you ask me. The problem is obviously the management and tactics, which is thus far amonst the worst in the league." "Honeymoon over. Time to start earning his money, cut out the crap jokes and start speaking English." "he''s not doing much to help himself at the moment.This ridiculous diamond style midfield does not work." "I didn''t think it possible to go backwards after last season but it appears we are." "I think we''ve landed ourselves with another Owen Coyle here. " "I have have always thought he comes across as complete arse throughout his entire career. I cant work out what he is trying to do. how he can sit there and watch his bollocks diamond formation every week is beyond me. to top it all off he thinks we played great toady and were unlucky! what a word removed" " It looks like it could be another terrible appointment. His signings and tactics are highly questionable and he''s totally pissed off the one guy who can score a goal for us. " " This is quite simply the worst Villa team I''ve ever seen. " "What is his philosophy??? play a formation that doesnt work week in week out, sign cheap low league players who he says are young and hungry and have have a team that has no quality whatsoever.??? Watch your your team not create one shot on target and then say we played great and were unlucky???" "His philosophy seems to have been "spend £20m on lots and lots over poor players", repeat "we''ll pick ourselves up and go again" after every defeat, and er, that''s about it. " "He could have spent £20m on proven quality this summer, but he didn''t, he bought a right load of old shite. " "Right now i have no faith in us whatsoever." "PL doesn''t know which team to play or which players work well together." "lambert signing division 2-3 players and unknown johnny foreigners with hes couple of quid, over proven quality and experience was a spectacular gamble and imo less than ideal!.. I will be amazed if we will be into double points come december! " "We appear to play games with no plan other than square balls or back to Guzan then hoof. As for possession football ?? We had 43% yesterday against a really poor fulham side with the likes of Aaron Hughes & Steve Sidwell barely needing to get their shorts dirty. I was prepared to give lambert time but it''s getting worse by the week tbh . " "It reeks of "I haven''t really got a clue". Just watched his post match interview there...wow "Not only are his team starting to play more and more like Mcleish''s with the hopeless long balls, he is now watching completely different games than the rest of us similar to Alex last year. "Some of the football we played was great" , What bloody football is he on about, pass it square, backwards and hoof it long?? That is not football and he knows it, " And so on and so on...
  14. I remember that we knew that the other game was abandoned. I don''t think I was aware that there had been deaths until after the game. I remember talking to an Everton lad whose brother was at the other game, and who was in a hell of a state with worry.
  15. http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/tettey-signs-for-city-333379.aspx "The Norwegian international spent six years with ''The Troll Kids''."
  16. Dave Stringer overwhelmed by emotion after scoring the goal that relegated Palace and saved us.
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